Black Mesa: Blueshift


I have seen many Blue Shift Source mods (none of them ever got finished) but yours is by far the best one I have ever seen. Also, it fits together with Black Mesa nicely, so even just that puts it above everything else.

I read that you weren’t going to be able to finish this before Black Mesa is released, that’s a shame, but I know it is for the better. Also, since I know you are already a part of the Black Mesa team, I think this should become a DLC of sorts instead of being just a mod. It is just that good.


I hope they all appear as official DLC


I hope so too.

That gives me an idea though, what about Half-Life Decay? There are (or at least were) many attempts to remake Blue Shift and Opposing Force, but none (as far as I have seen) for Decay. It is an official game and with its vital issues fixed, it would be a nice addition.


Well, there’s two noteworthy ones.
The first was called (if memory serves) “hazard team”. Unfortunately, it was canceled.

The other one is called decay; source, and can be found at

It’s quite early in development, but it looks promising thus far.


I didn’t know that. I checked out both and hazard team seems to be a bit more polished, shame it is dead.