Black Mesa Classic Weapons

Sorry, just the workshop. You can move the files from the download location to a custom folder, or even extract them to make your own edits if you like, don’t need to stay subscribed to it. We just don’t see much point in posting it on gamebanana when the workshop is basically the same thing but with pseudo-plug-and-play functionality.


oh well, i guess I’ll just download it off of steam.

While where waiting for gamezombie to finish, i’d like to ask: how many weapons have been replaced by their classic couterparts in this mod?

Ten, out of fourteen.

Any reason the other 4 are not getting replaced. The answer is probably obvious tho.

For the ones that aren’t being replaced, are the v_arms going to match or will they use the default ones.

The four that aren’t getting replacements are the Hivehand, Snark, Satchel, and Tripmine. The reason for the first three is that Juniez is a hardsurface artist, which in layman’s terms means he doesn’t have experience with doing organic forms like flesh or cloth. As for the tripmine, he actually likes the way the one in Black Mesa looks already.

And yes, all fourteen will use Fewes’s arms.


Can you use this model?

The one in vanilla black mesa is totally fine. They arent under any obligation to replace everything. Its more work than you think.

Honestly, the 4 that wont be replaced don’t really matter to me. Those look fine as is. The models I have a problem with are the shotgun, the colt python .357, and the mp5. They look too drastically different than their half life counter parts.

I’m most excited about the shotgun and the colt python because they were my favorite half life weapons.

Any chances for those new arms for vanilla weapons or the vanilla arms for Classic Weapons? Reason why is because: I will only use Classic Models for: Glock, 357 (probably), MP5, Shotgun, Crossbow, Gluon Gun (probably). The rest of the weapons… I just stick with vanilla models.

I think we should let these guys work and release the pack before even thinking about requesting things.


People are going to want to tailor mods to their own tastes pretty much no matter what. We’ve got no problem with that, but we realistically can’t please every single person.

We’re going to release with separated vpks for the three major components of the pack, and there will be some documentation regarding a not-as-of-yet-discussed feature, but aside from that people will mostly be on their own.


Looking at screenshots, are you planning to add some “wear” to weapons in release? Almost every weapon looks like brand new, also the upper part of HEV hand panel.
I am just curious if the weapons will be as close as possible to “shiny HL1 classic” or something balanced between HL1 and BMS.

Have you also tried how does the pack behave with “cl_mdldetailfx_enable 1” toggle for blood decals?

Hey Hey Hey! I actually love those nice and new feels. It looks sharp. Who knows tho, someone might make a worn and torn version of these weapons.

Since the new UI is aiming to be flexible and moddable, is there any chance of related options being added for the mod? I wouldn’t expect something as complex as choosing which versions of each weapon to use, but maybe just a toggle for the pack or classic sounds or something. Just a thought!

The bucket icon pack is one of the component vpks, yes. If so desired it can be removed.

Oh yeah, forgot to ask what the SFX situation is. Are you using the game’s vanilla sounds or new sounds? Or are they a mix of the new sounds or the old sounds, etc. Understandable if you wanted to keep stuff like that secret.

You’ll see when the workshop release rolls around.

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