Black Mesa Classic Weapons

They are in the home stretch right now. Why would they stop now?


I’m not saying they will, I certainly hope they won’t. But look what happened with Mr Brightside. He spent roughly the same amount of time on his weapon pack for HL2 and just abandoned it. So…stranger things have happened.

Mr. Brightside got hired by Respawn Entertainment. He did the majority of the firstperson animations for Titanfall 2.

Quick edit, just double checked and I realized I was thinking of hyper. Mr. Brightside worked on Insurgency Sandstorm and the most recent Call Of Duty. My bad for the spread of misinformation.


So you guys are gonna get hired to do the weapon anims for…Half-Life 3, right? :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey one of you guys posted a short video of the revolver in the Facepunch forums Black Mesa thread, but all that stuff is lost now. Would you mind reposting that?

You mean this?


That’s it. Good gravy is that the current model used? It’s so pretty.

Sure is.


Love it! only, it seems a bit too small…
Edit: nvm, just saw the video. It’s glorious! I NEED IT!!!

I’m particularly happy that Gordon seems to be holding it correctly. In the other HL games, including Black Mesa, Gordon’s grip is waaaay too low, so if he fired it in real life it would fly out his hands and smack him in the face. Yeah I know, nobody looks for realism in games like this, but it’s just something that’s bugged me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, it looks amazing! I just hope that normal maps aren’t broken like in Juniez’s HL2 pack. I hate when 357 or USP randomly lights up for no reason.

Any other new screens or vids to share? Also I don’t know what your plans are for release but I hope you throw together a quick trailer or something, I don’t think many people frequent these forums anymore and your work deserves exposure.

Glad you have it working but the scale is way off…

Massive hand holding miniature little gun.

I actually made a comment about this years ago and I am very dissapointed.

Please just use HL2 default as it looks very bad…

I think it’s just the FOV. Look at the video posted before the screenshot and it’s pretty much to scale with the original model.


Well there are not 2 FOV settings in the scripts so it is not that…

Take a look at how Black Mesa and Half Life 2 rigged it because there probably is nothing wrong with the model. The model is an improvement but ideally you just want the model rigged like Black Mesa or Half life 2 has it rigged and those settings or similar.

Something is not quite right or has been missed… Although I think HL2 has dual handed for the 357 if I remember correctly.

I actually have only just seen the video now and that does look better in motion as you have stated… Perhaps it is a bit decieving that still image but then perhaps is it reverting to a different state when idle?

Looks like hand is fine on the animation but not when holding the gun to me… Or it looks a lot better off screen as in the video.

Towards the end of the animation the hand does actually get bigger so not sure if it is camera position? Sorry don’t know how this stuff works…

It is indeed the FOV, as stated.

View in HLMV recreating original HL positioning:

The animations for the revolver still aren’t finalized, and we’ve considered the idea of posing the weapons and adjusting their FOV’s to mimic the HL1 versions.


Yeah when I was comparing HL2 it has it more off to the right hand side but not as much as HL1 has it off to the right of screen.

HL2 reload animation and HL1 the hand remains consistant distance from the player view.

Is it that the wrist needs tilting down? That still is helpful perhaps it is we are seeing too much of the arm. The way the gun is held looks better in Black Mesa still though. Thumb is better positioned also in Black Mesa.

Whatever the big arm lump that is appearing on the right this is the main issue… Thumb could be better.

I dunno, I think it looks perfectly fine.

Regarding poses and origins, I think the main issue with BM’s retail guns are the models and sounds, neither of which are very aesthetically pleasing. The animations and the origins seem pretty okay. Would you consider having two versions if you’re adamant on recreating HL’s look and feel; one with BM’s origins and one with your modified version? Just an idea. I’d be fine with either. I just want this to come out lol.

A brand new Half-Life game got announced. What a strange world we live in. Now all we need is the final chapter of Xen and the Classic Weapons pack to be released and it’s Half Life heaven.

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