Black Mesa Classic Weapons

And also, I really appreciate the inclusion of the LD Handpad screens. It’s something I still cannot believe went over the BM Developer’s heads, TWICE!

One: I’m not sure if Gunship has decided if he wants to make Gluon particles yet. Two: yes, every weapon made by Juniez in the pack has a new world model.


Happy new year everyone! Let’s form a prayer circle so that Old Hermit and company can finish this pack by the end of this month! :pray::rofl:


Any updates you guys?

Don’t think there’s much point in getting any updates this close to (possible) release. Just another two or three weeks now. I’d rather they focus on getting everything ready anyway.

I meant something about if game zombie managed to finish any rigging, things like that.

I guess we’ll find out soon enough! Jeez louise I hope it gets finished and released.

Yeah, I’m dying for this pack

Sorry we’ve been quiet about this, but shortly after I made the New Year’s update, we actually got a new animator onboard!

These were made by FoolTaurus, the animator for MMod! This combined with Gunship’s particles means the pack feels much more modern.

That being said, this does lead to some bad news. While Taurus is an extraordinarily fast worker and was able to pump those out in around a week or so, it means the mod is going to be delayed, potentially by a lot. We’re sorry to disappoint everyone - I personally was really excited for the imminent release - but we’re pretty sure most people can agree this looks much better.

I’ll also be sure to make smaller posts here, giving somewhat more frequent updates on progress so you guys know that things are indeed coming along.

Again, sorry for the delay. Hope you guys have a nice day!


Welp, I’m packing it up boys. That’s enough of being strung along for me. Not sure why I thought waiting 5 god damn years for a weapon pack was a good idea but that’s on me. Please excuse me while I see myself out while putting on my clown makeup.

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Take all the time you need! I can wait :slight_smile:

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@Echelon5 Hey, fair enough. Sorry to disappoint.
@DaimeneX Thanks for the support! Hopefully we’ll have more to show soon.

Did you buy a game just to use a mod? Don´t you think it´s a bit dickish to get mad about a free (yet, high-quality) mod being delayed? Even if we waited for half a century, we´re not owed anything.

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It’s understandable people would be upset. To the average onlooker we’ve just been sitting on a lot of great content for a while.

It’s important to understand that making a mod takes time. Especially a mod like this.
For example I watch a lot of art drawing streams and animation making streams. Most people think these things just get made, but sometimes it takes weeks if not months, in both cases.
I know a girl that does artwork that sometimes gets reworked so many times she can end up finishing it after two weeks after starting it. Same happens with animations and model making. Sometimes you figure that something needs reworking and will start from scratch.

Even still, Black Mesa is in EA and things keeps changing. It wouldn´t make sense releasing a mod like this now, it would just crash at the next update. I think it´s only positive that you came up a way to make use of this time :slight_smile:

I can see both sides of this argument, on the one hand, this is free, we don’t owe anyone making it.

On the other hand, the reality is it takes way too long: ~5 years in the working and more.
I know people working on it are doing it for free and probably didn’t get paid for it. But this is a weapon mod, not another game or let’s say Operation Black Mesa, which is still basically Limbo…so, yeah, people complain, got it.
(Again, I won’t pretend I know a lot about modeling and shit since my knowledge stays in 3DS Max and the only reason I ever register here is I see this one is near complete and want to ask questions…)

The only real question I have is the devs seem very opposed to the idea of releasing some early version to shut people up…

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Does this mean all the old animations will be scrapped? I mean it would be cool if you maybe after this new pack is out you released an alternate pack with the old ones so you can pick and choose which ones you like best.

Still talking everything over, but I’m pretty sure we do intend to release Game Zombie’s edits in some capacity.

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Every other message you put on this forum is praising this. Now you’re acting like they’re lazy fucks just for having a new animator on board to make the mod look even better. You’re such a child