Black Mesa Classic Weapons

Still talking everything over, but I’m pretty sure we do intend to release Game Zombie’s edits in some capacity.

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Every other message you put on this forum is praising this. Now you’re acting like they’re lazy fucks just for having a new animator on board to make the mod look even better. You’re such a child

And are you certain that this will be released this year?

FoolTaurus seems to work pretty fast, so as long as he works on it at a consistent rate I really don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t come out this year. I want to avoid giving hard dates, but I’d say it’s reasonable to expect it in 2020, yeah.

I think the decision to redo the animations is a fair one… Oh well it was always a bit of a dangling carrot and that has not changed apart from perhaps the carrot is going to be more tempting.

Best of Luck with the new approach serms like it will be a bit more glossy MMOD was well recieved so I am sure this will be too.

So uhhhhh… Are these models available? Why are these hands not up for download. Like I get it. Im a perfectionist too, but the Half-Life community is just torture. Every project takes way longer than it should. I mean Mr. Brightside redid HL2 redux animations like 4 times and then never released it. Like guys. I scrolled back on this thread 3 years and the stuff back then was more than good enough for release. Just release it and then update it later. What is wrong with that? What you think people will only remember you for the first release or something? NO! I update all my mods all the time. I literally made this account just for this post. PLEASE release what you have. Do the community a favor. Like those hands alone are fucking perfect. If you released them I would make a pack myself with the default models and anims.

I hate to say it, but I agree with this dude

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I actually did pitch releasing it soon with just Game Zombie’s animations to the team, but we decided against it. Our reasoning is seeings how it’s taken us this long, we may as well get it as close to perfect as possible.

Current internal deadline is by summer this year, which I’d say is actually fairly lax given FoolTaurus made the gauss sequences in 6 days.

Trust me, I hate waiting for it, too. I want to share my work with everyone, and I’m sure the rest of the team feels the same way. Just please bare with us for a little bit longer.

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Couldn’t you release Game Zombies rigs as an alternate before the new anims are finished?

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Couldn’t you release Game Zombies rigs as an alternate before the new anims are finished?

This, plus Black Mesa has officially enter 1.0. The possibility of another major update that breaks a bunch of shit might be a lot smaller.

But what do I know?

Well. Considering a mod like GUNSLINGER for STALKER got released in it’s beta form (despite the author saying there wouldn’t be any betas), it would probably be fair to release Game Zombies rigs as a Beta, then release full version once it’s done.
After all, Black Mesa also released in unfinished form, and then it got updated and finished.


No it hasn’t. ‘Black Mesa 1.0 Preview’ is what the news article is called, and it talks about a release being put on the beta branch for a while before being ready for the main branch. It also talks about work being done on the Workshop and mod support after 1.0.

Yeah, i really like the beta idea


Do you interested to make more classic remake than BM? Cause there are enough fan made content to do it well.

Welp, beta for 1.0 is officially out