Black Mesa Classic Weapons


i removed the specular glare from the original display text and put them on there






in game:

if you just look at the wear on the maps separately the weapon looks absolutely wrecked but if you combine them with some good value balancing you can get nice thick shapes for the wear while keeping the actual specular intensity in check.

also note that in areas with good geometry detail (handguard, grenade launcher, rear sight) there’s barely any wear because the visual interest is already taken care of by the geometry and shading. you don’t want to overload on the visual noise so keeping it pretty simple there is just fine.

in areas where the player can’t really see it (trigger group) you can just skimp out and laze up on the wear or not have any at all. won’t make a difference if the player won’t see it or will just barely see it.

tinting different objects and parts is a great way to create some visual interest while also highlighting the different parts that come together, even if they are the same base material (i.e. how the receiver of the SMG is a greenish tint) you can also play around with color schemes here to make it look just really nice

abusing your cavity map / blurred variations of the cavity map (for thickness control), and the AO is a great way to get pretty much free generated visual interest while also highlighting the forms of your geometry.

giving directionality and shape is a pretty good way to make your wear look nice. but it’s not realistic. see how in the back of the smg i abused the vertical scratches pretty hard but it turned out fine and highlighted the curves pretty good

pistol wireframe

vmts are pretty easy if you rely more on phong than env maps. a couple things to keep in mind is that certain material property changes (i.e. envmap color changes) will force you to separate those elements, and that source’s specular and diffuse color values operate in some sort of different intensity space than in TB2 or most other renderers, so you may have to adjust the levels of your final maps when testing them in engine or better yet just start in engine and continually just target in-engine looks.
in the SMG’s case I separated the suppressor, the top of the receiver bit, and the stock wire to have a separate material with the same maps but much higher envmap influence so that it looks more chrome than the rest of the fairly glossy/smooth looking gun.


Damn… I just love these models so much. It’s also freaking great that you are using classic center-right weapon-origins. Just perfect.


Just noticed “9mmAR” is written on the SMG, that’s amazing.


Why did you censor the bodes? lol


Too much gore. This is a family forum.


Hmm… Ya know, there’s dead scientists in that picture, and he’s missing some bullets…

I wonder what could’ve happened here…? :smiley:


Dam the original model looks grimy without light maps.


Will this classic weapons come to steam workshop


Read this very page.


I wish this was still a thing.


Oh wow, just noticed it’s been a while since the last update.

Is this still in development?


That’s what I’m wondering.


I believe it’s either been put on hold or abandoned due to integration issues the CC devs not being guaranteed to be finished with changing up the weapon models and animations, but, not being Juniez, I don’t know for sure.


Still searching for people who can get these meshes compiled for retail


Such an impressive detailed weapon especially the upper and wood part,wondering how other of your weapons look like in the enemy hands and their world models.


Been awhile. You OK, Juniez?



I’ll take that as a yes.