Black Mesa Classic Weapons


Woah this looks amazing!


Really impressive. Glad to see this is making a comeback

Last Edit: Yeah found the answers with a little research, Game Zombie is rigging the new models and arms up for the default animations. Sweet!


Looks 100% dank.
Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

EDIT: imagine classic hl1 weapon sounds + this classic weapon pack, pretty soon theres gonna be people fucking up wall textures to make it look like hl1


Freaking coool.


Ah man, the crossbow looks sick!
(your missing the pointy bit at the end of the crossbow)

And the shotgun looks fantastic!


As a very extreme fan of the original models from Half-Life i’m falling in love with this so badly and i feel really proud that someone is doing something like this finally.
Thank you so much for this! Also if you have to take your time for like 6 years or more i don’t care because i know that in the end it will be worth it <3


Made some icons for the pack, will be included in the workshop release

Full size:


holy crap those look amazing, not enough words to say how much thats awesome, i feel like they even improve upon the hl1 icons


So nostalgic. GOOD STUFF.


Nice lines. Very ovaly.


Very smooth!


Found this thread by happenstance after managing to stumble upon the thread on polycount via accident got to say it looks really nice wish all involved good luck and a stable release


Decided to round out the icon set and included the vanilla weapons, as well


It’s simple, but iconic!


Hey, the threads alive! Great icons by the way - they give off a great classic feel


Sorry to disappoint, but the pack isn’t ready yet. Game Zombie is working to get the models properly rigged onto the default animations. He only has the crossbow left to finish at this point, and a few other minor things to add for flavor.
I can’t say when it will be ready, but I can show off some more of the UI elements:


Okay, can I add you to Steam? Guys, sorry, I wrote you a message when I was not registered on this site, now I have an account,


And when you finish working with black mesa model pack, do you have any plans for black mesa? for example: new models for npc.


Would be possible to rig those models with the original Half-Life animations? That would be awesome.


Dear Old Hermit, I was wondering if you are going to create an exhaustive HUD or just new weapon icons? Reason I´m asking, I´ve been thinking that I might try to make classic-style health, armor and ammo indicators. But if you´re already working on them, then I´ll just drop it…