Black Mesa Classic Weapons


I’ve been considering it, but I couldn’t really get it to look right.

Either way, don’t let me making one stop you. Go right ahead, I’d never keep someone from making art.


Okay, then, I´ll look into it! :thumbsup:


Still not ready after 4 years, I see. You’d fit into Vulva/Crowbar collective really well my bros.
Will your dude get it done by Xen release Juniez? (pretty lenient deadline, namsayin?),


Well… not to repeat anything that has already been said, but these guys still have regular jobs taking up their time. It would be a bit faster a development time I am sure if the sales were enough to support a 50+ team full time, but it isnt. So we wait till they are good and ready to say it is ready.

Anyway, so how about them broncos? :wink:


I think the only one having the right to set a deadline to their mod are modders themselves. Anyway, havent they been quite clear about not even thinking about releasing this mod before Black Mesa is out of EA?


Yeah, I’m pretty sure they said that because CC keeps tweaking how weapons work (such as the crossbow scope, which was just now revamped) and they didn’t want to redo work every update.


Thank you for your support


So I managed to revive my account, looked at my old posts cringing at my 6 year younger self, and all because I wanted to say this.

I love what I’ve seen in this topic so far. Nostalgia hit me straight on with these screenshots and gifs. Hope this weapon pack gets released soon, I’ll definitely replay the game with it.

Cheers and good luck! This is one of the best mods for Black Mesa I’ve seen so far.


The guests are becoming testy. Time to put the alcohol away and put the chips and dip away.


Just saw “whatok” post.

Very confused at first.

Then figured it out.


:whistling: :evil:


Plot twist:

“whatok” saw to much. He knew they would go after him.
So he wanted to share the secret to the world.
But alas he failed.


The old scope model was better, might as well developers changed Lighting Update?

The New model is so ugly


The old scope wasn’t functional, though. It wasn’t centered properly, so shots would often miss, even after the projectile rework. Plus, the way they did it meant that at all times everything in front of you had to be drawn twice, in addition to the weapon itself.
It was a nice idea, but the effect wasn’t worth it, especially seeings how it wasn’t even anti-aliased. Besides, didn’t they say the new scope texture was a placeholder, anyway?


But they should enhance the scope texture.


Hey. The webm video that was added to OP isn’t available anymore. Where it cat be found?



So smooth!


Some day I want to be as good at hard surface modelling as you are, Juniez. That is one nice-ass revolver.