Black Mesa Classic Weapons


This is going really well so far! Great job!
I just wanted to ask, can we show our own things we made in the style of HL1, or should we post it somewhere else? Because I’m working on a HL1 styled Snark model and thought it would be relevant


Seriously, I´m just as excited for this pack as I am for the Xen release! This is, like… pro-level… three-dimensional-things-making! Well, that was an awkward compliment…


Looking good! Can’t wait to get my hands on this amazing treat :slight_smile:

The glock reminds me of the pistol from Deus Ex, in a good way!

I think these models are so good, CC should officially hire this guy, include them in the game, and add a “use classic models” checkbox to the options.


Thank you banned man. May you rest in peace


You’ve done an amazing job!

Can we get a short video, maybe, perhaps…?


Will you also make the alien weapons or just the others?


Looking pretty badass Gordon.


Awesome stuff here. Just found this out after I saw a tweet about it.
Is this pack being remade based only on the original hl1 weapons or is it also based on the “HD” pack that was released later?
From what I can gather here, at least the bow and smg look based on the original ones.
However the shotgun reminds me more of the hd pack version than the original hl1 one, even though all the models look even better than those found in BMS.


The weapons made for this pack are all entirely based on the original LD models. Nothing in here is modeled after the high definition pack used for Blue Shift.


Now that I see the shotgun from this point of view, it definitely looks modeled based on the original.
I guess a lot of the classic feel also has to do with the actual point of view and angle at which the weapons are kept.
I now wonder why didn’t they keep the yellow sights and instead went for green ones?
I know it’s a very small thing to nitpick but by the looks of things, they really struggled to remake all of the key parts of the old model, exactly as they were, except that that part where they’ve recolored the sights green.
I’m pretty sure Valve could have made the sights green too if they originally wanted that but I bet they went with yellow so that point there can be easier on the eyes and not distract you constantly.

And there’s also the butt of the shotgun that originally was very shiny and in the remade model is the opposite of that.
From what I gather, they tried to keep the overall shape of the original weapons but also infused them with real weapon looks.


The Shotgun model for this pack reminds me of that HD version of the LD version of the Shotgun seen here… (I wonder if it will have Opposing Force-like animations than Half-Life’s because that Shotgun model I mentioned has Opposing Force animations?)

I wonder if weapons with reloading will have empty reloading animations like the ones seen in the game? I hope they have cool admire animations as well as their fidget animations.


All weapons in this pack will be using modified versions of the sequences found in vanilla Black Mesa, with adjustments made to fit their individual sizes


Quick question: are you guys making a HEV suit model to go with this, or is it just the hands?


Unfortunately, there’s no plans for it at the moment, no.


Okay. Thats completely understandable, considering you guys have spent literal years working on this.


This is looking amazing! I love Black Mesa but something that felt really off was the weapons. They just don’t feel as… punchy? I hope you guys will get these in game in time for the full release!


Currently, in addition to ironing out the final animations and doing general upkeep, we’re waiting on the release of Xen to make sure it doesn’t break anything in the pack, and if it does, fixing it up. The pack won’t be released before Xen is. If all goes according to plan, though, it should be released somewhat shortly after.


Will the mod be released as one big pack, or will there be individual downloads for each weapon? Like if I wanted to use the classic shotgun, but not the classic crowbar.

not like I’m dissing the crowbar or anything it’s just an example[/size]


Nope, one big pack.


That is fantastic. You can bet I’ll be waiting to play it with this pack. Based on what I’ve seen it wouldn’t feel like half life without them