Black Mesa Classic Weapons


What mod is that for the hev-suit arms? They don’t look vanilla.
Ps. Sorry if it has been mentioned already but I haven’t read the whole topic.


Hello, they are a part of the package.


Is it planned to replace firing sounds for some weapons? For example for shotgun or glock, adding some “punchy” approach and also slightly familiar compared to HL1.


We’ve got something cooking related to sounds. All I’ll say for now.


So… how you guys doin´? :smiley:


I’m doing well.


Since we gotta wait another 7 months before we get this delightful looking weapons pack would it be possible to get some more screenshots? Maybe a vid or gif or two? I definitely get wanting to wait until the Xen release, it would suck putting all this work into it and then the update borks it immediately.

Although! I was under the impression that last year’s lightning update was the majority of the engine updates needed for Xen, and the Xen update itself would just be the levels finally integrated into the game. I’m probably wrong tho, who knows.


Are weapon pack its gona be realeae on steam or source mod ? Becouse i want to add pack to my original 2012 source mod version. I see the guy are very talented bring back nostalgia weapon im very happy of that. Can someone make hd zombie texture like this nostalgia

it looking so good remi.d me how half a creepy game. Before xen realease can someon workk with this i would be very happy


If you look in the picture it look like original half life zombie model. In black mesa looks very diferent and some people dont like how look zombie in black mesa. Arms and eyeball diferent. 1635898546


Look at hl1 creenshoot i see headrab eat all meat from head it only left skull, eyebrows, teeth. Arms very long it looks creepy more than black mesa so i just show look diferent in hl1 and. Bm I know how hard to make bm zombie too look lik hl1 style zombie, but maybe someon have experiece to make bm zombie like in hd scrreeenshot. I reely like black mesa, but i feel nostalgia.


I have to say again I think this looks fantastic all of it… Couple of things though I have thought about.

Is it possible to have Black Handle and Wood Handle choice of skin for Magnum?

I Agree with comment about the crowbar that although it is a good match to the original model it looks dis-functional for the actual prong part… So although you said you will be rigging to default animations which I think is fine apart from the crow bar animation. Something that really irked me all along has been the crow bar animation in Black Mesa. Is it possible to re-animate this similar to how the animation revamp did this (IIOPN) pack?

Perhaps the animation can be copied from or followed as a guide to make a better animation for the crowbar?

Thanks for reading and I really appreciate the work you have put in.


This new screenshoot whoat i found today from old hermit workshop tau cannon


Yeah, I was showing off an envmap bug that seems to happen in a few spots on that map:
Not entirely sure what causes it, but the UP and DN faces from this sector don’t seem to draw for some reason. This map seems like it has some weird shenanigans going on, because there’s also spots where it draws upside down, in spite of perfectly functional normals


You did good job with clasic weapons. Perhaps could you work with clasic creatures i see hl1 style alien grunt only left zombies,vortingaunts and snark. But anyway good job clasic weapos looks awesome especially shotgun.


I’m actually not the one who made the weapons themselves. We’re a small team working on the pack. I just am the one who replies the most often.

I made the icons and most of the things that haven’t been shown off in the pack yet. Juniez made most of the weapons, Fewes made the hands, and Game Zombie’s doing fixes and rigging.


You with small team do amazing job i can imagin if you have big team and whoat capable with half life stuff. And i have qoueshion did clasic weapons have hl1 animations or black mesa weapons animations?


The plan currently is to use Black Mesa’s animations, slightly edited to fit the sizes of the weapons.


Okay shotgun black mesa realaud animation is perfect but doesnt have shooting animation like like hl1 and crowbar need remake animation to fast atack that make easy to kill enemy.