Black Mesa Classic Weapons


What mod is that for the hev-suit arms? They don’t look vanilla.
Ps. Sorry if it has been mentioned already but I haven’t read the whole topic.


Hello, they are a part of the package.


Is it planned to replace firing sounds for some weapons? For example for shotgun or glock, adding some “punchy” approach and also slightly familiar compared to HL1.


We’ve got something cooking related to sounds. All I’ll say for now.


So… how you guys doin´? :smiley:


I’m doing well.


Since we gotta wait another 7 months before we get this delightful looking weapons pack would it be possible to get some more screenshots? Maybe a vid or gif or two? I definitely get wanting to wait until the Xen release, it would suck putting all this work into it and then the update borks it immediately.

Although! I was under the impression that last year’s lightning update was the majority of the engine updates needed for Xen, and the Xen update itself would just be the levels finally integrated into the game. I’m probably wrong tho, who knows.