Black Mesa Classic Weapons


Amazing work so far.
I’d say do the crowbar next. ^^


I’d say the way the cylinder is closed looks awkward…also you should use the push rods to remove the used cartridges.


Personally, I think it’d look better as more of a HL1 imitation. Right now it seems a little awkward.


Looks really nice. Please keep doing more :slight_smile:


banned immediately. smh


I really love your classic styled content Juniez!

If I may ask, will you do all of the weapons from Half-Life, like from the crowbar till the snark or only those that you already have shown to us?

Thanks. :slight_smile:


Complete bummer getting banned for no reason… Whatever.

About the style of reloads I do for this pack, it’s supposed to look alike the original weapons, so go ahead and look back at HL’s reloads when you look at mine.

Anyways crowbar it is, it’s easy to animate and it is getting close to finishing the pack!
I also just wanted to give a shoutout to Tobias Bünger for donating! This render is for ya.

It may be little but, it’s something.
I hope to get a better crowbar model than this.
Also excuse the laziness with having my old 2014 background there.

video of the weapons with better lighting

If you consider donating, the information is in my old post… I swear if I get banned again then wow.


Did you perhaps get accidentally caught up in the mass-banning of hundreds of spam bots? It happened to someone else, I think.


We were caught up in an absolute flood of spam bots, it got really bad - up to 500 a day, for nearly a month.

Our team had to take some very drastic measures to clear them out and there was a lot of collateral, unfortunately. Even some developer accounts got caught in it, annoyingly. You were probably banned in that wave, by accident.

I do apologise. We were very upset about how many “innocents” got caught, so we are very sorry. The spam problem has been resolved so it will not happen again.


I have some suggestions/questions:

  1. Can you make the MP5-Muzzleflash less distracting (or just way smaller)?
  2. Can you show animations for secondary fire? I ask because in HL1 the secondary fire of the shotgun looked different compared to the primary fire.
  3. Will you add idle-animations? They were really cool :slight_smile:
  4. Is it possible to remove the delay at which your viewmodel follows your view? This has nothing to do with the animations but in HL1 your viewmodel was fix at your view. It did not shift left or right when you looked around.
  5. Is it possible to use the original HL1 sounds with these models? (for shooting, reloading etc.)

You did really great work. Keep it up :slight_smile:


You most certainly can, but quality-wise it’ll sound like arse. Maybe when this comes out I’ll do some classic-styled sounds for it?

  1. I want to try to but I’m unsure what’s causing it to be that big, I can try removing it fully since it is suppressed.
  2. shotgun does have a secondary fire and I did make it look like it, the way it shoots and kinda fly out of his hand, yeah I did that.
  3. I will not because in HL they were kind of odd and weird and if I would make it work like that it would happen too frequent, not to mention hard to copy a not-so-good animation.
  4. no that is coded into the source engine, only the original developers can do that, it’s out of my reach.
  5. it is possible, but when you hear low bit rate sounds to high quality / bit rate sounds it’s inconsistent.


Wait,this is alive? Because I still have nightmares about that cat… Thanks for not giving up on this.


I have one more suggestion: You should make the weapon-origin of the shotgun more like the MP5. Right now it looks really bulky. I think in HL1 you could not see much of the backside of the shotgun. Maybe lower the backside of the shotgun… or generally try to change the weapon origin to make it look more like HL1.

like this:

maybe i’m wrong… need to see the shotgun in bright environments.

you also need to fix the muzzleflash on the pistol.


muzzle flash


can i hold them? 8o :s aint:


very nice




Its dead ?