Black Mesa Classic Weapons


Last content update was only 6 days ago dude. A thread does not need daily updates to be considered alive. He is working on it, its just that These Things, They Take Time.



6 months for a few skins and its not ready ?


Skins, animations and muzzleflashes. I’d like to see you do it faster.


What’s with the trend of seeing something high quality, and wanting it so badly that you belittle the creator’s work when it’s not ready when you want it?
If you’re going to appreciate it, appreciate it and let them work at their pace. If it’s taking too long, just go away and come back later. It’s not complicated.


Yeah, comments like that are very unwelcome here. Making something high quality takes time. Consider yourself warned.


ban this joker


Thank you Juniez for making this,it looks amazing!


Hey guys, Juniez posted this Tau Cannon on Polycount forums he worked on not too long ago.




Sorry if my wording doesn’t sound right? But I fixed it up anyway.


Just being a shithead :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks for posting the image.


This makes me really want to model a weapon so I can get practice in and be closer to being this good.

…I think I said something similar in one of the BBMIP threads. I should model more often.


We have also improved our Tau. This one also looks good.


let me see


We aren’t releasing any images of it yet…but you will be able to see it soon.


holy shit. this looks freaking epic. thx so much for creating a classic gauss <3


And it gets better. Not long ago Juniez who’s responsible for creating Tau Cannon posted this.


This is looking so freaking great I can’t believe it. I hope I will be able to use these classic weapons online on ALL Black Mesa: Multiplayer servers (BMDM). Hopefully they keep it like in HL1DM (add an option to set r_drawviewmodel to 0 so you could not get any advantage by viewmodel customization… then it would make sense to allow viewmodel customization and everybody would be able to use custom models and animations… just like in HL1… But they have to allow r_drawviewmodel 0 in multiplayer and also code sv_pure the right way… no reason to install great skins if you can’t play online with them…)


There will be full workshop integration with the steam BM version. I’d expect the system for guns in the workshop to be like in L4D2, where you can get community viewmodels and worldmodels of weapons, without changing any stats. Let’s just hope this guy puts his great models on the workshop!