Black Mesa Classic Weapons


I wonder how he’s doing on the models.


I HEARD that the free version will never be fully updated so now we are not going to target it but the paid version is also not feature complete so we will probably do nothing until one of those things changes

the much awaited update IS, THAT the models don’t work at all in the paid version. i sent it to a random person to check


So your models may or may not work in the retail version?


They would just need to be compiled again probably. All the stuff we ported over either worked right away or needed a recompile.


So they would just need to be recompiled and turned into vpk’s then?


Omg… I remember this… I hate vpk’s… -.-


Well it depends on the weapon and why it’s not working. There could be changes to the code that make it not work in which case you need to redo the QC and recompile. Or it’s just source being source and needs a recompile lol.


Well at least the mod is still being worked on I can’t wait until it comes out it looks great!


it was the animation calls and scripts and particle references and sound scripts and animation timing for black meas deathmatch. currently they’re fairly straightforward problems to solve but why bother when it’s liable to be changed again and again before content lock/release

technically it is not


Well odds are the SP is not going to change much if any, but the MP side will probably change several times as things evolve.


Juniez this means the mod is canceled or not?


It’s a real shame if the mod is cancelled since it looks very well done.

The performance benefits of vpk’s far outweigh the small learning curve required to learn how to make them.


Maybe still work for single player, who knows?

Although I will wait for the response before Juniez express me .

But already advance that I was quite looking forward to this mod.

It is wonderful and would bring experience and huge nostalgia play the single player mode with these wonderful weapons.

Juniez with the mod canceled or not , you have my congratulations , you are an example for the modding community.


Wow some of the shots look great, I really like the design for the classic shotgun, I always liked that more than the shotgun in both the BMS game and the HL1 HD pack… Could you maybe release these individually?


i really hope this doesnt die off, i would simply enjoy running around with these models in MP






This got canned because he doesn’t feel like making the models from scratch to go with the new anims and updated engine


Let the creator speak for himself please.

He’s quite visibly frustrated by the constant “is it dead?” “how are you doing?” prodding that’s going on in this thread. Remember that there is a person on the other end of your comments.


Are you trying to tell me this isn’t simply a random source of mods, and is in fact an actual person putting in hours of their time and effort for the satisfaction of others and that he may be unhappy with the impatience and bother in return?

Heresy, I says.