Black Mesa Classic Weapons


im ok


Theawesomeguy. Don’t bother posting that sort of stuff again. I have removed it. He will post when he is good and ready. Otherwise stop bothering.


Question, how did you know what details to put on a weapon when the originals are such low resolution? Black Mesa’s made the shotgun into a classic SPAS-12, but was it supposed to be that originally or did Valve make their own variant?
Anyway, if you end up doing the .357, I hope it’s shiny as hell :wink:


To the mod’s Dev, this looks truly INCREDIBLE. You’re closer to the end than the beginning. Dig in, sort through and maintain your focus. You can do it!



definite no


the 357 is as chrome as it can be but imo it will never look as strikingly shiny as OG half life’s because pretty much all of the black mesa environments are a lot darker than its hl1 counterparts, imo


What do you render with? I notice your renders have a really distinctive metallic grey appearance.


Toolbag I bet.


Huh. My Toolbag diffuse/spec-less renders never turn out w/ that texture, though I suppose I haven’t experimented with the materials system a whole lot. I’ll have to try things out.

Anyway, sorry for the derail. That’s a kick-ass model, I like it.


These models are really good. Its kinda a shame that these, and those hands, aren’t going on the workshop.




These are looking pretty good so far!


Sorry, i meant , if he could put them on the workshop, it would be nice. They’re better than the current retail hands, in my opinion. Just


Jesus Christ.


Problem is that toolbag renders look awesome…and the textures don’t look nearly as good in game.


Oh, okay. Sorry if i sounded whiney or complainy. Didn’t mean to. So sorry!


don’t worry about it, friend

always configure your in-game materials in your target engine


Dude you should work at Valve.


I’m not even a fan of the original SD Half-Life models, but these recreations, they are just glorious.