Black Mesa Classic Weapons


Okay, thanks for replying. But in all seriousness, i’m a bit confused still: Is this or is this not going on the workshop?


Also, you ever thought about applying for a job at Valve, or Crowbar Collective? I bet CC could really use a person like you.


It’s not going on the workshop, because it’d be somewhat pointless to do so because of the ongoing changes in the way weapons work in BM. If he finishes a model, and then CC, say, adds or removes animations, he’d have to reanimate the model and update the workshop mod. Instead of having to go through after every update and change up some of the models, Juniez has decided to wait until the game is finalized and those changes will only have to be done once to make the models compatible.

Pretty much all the questions you’ve asked have been answered prior in the thread.


Okay, thanks for clarifying. Sorry for reiterating already asked questions.

#145 is going to first try to rig them onto the default animations and that will probably be released in the workshop along with the model and material sources. and then people can try to animate them themselves but it won’t be my problem anymore


i did some work for some games before but it wasn’t that fun, imo


Cool! Thanks for all this. Great job!




source doesnt support tinting the envmap per pixel so it cant look like that


source doesn’t support blurred envmaps so it really can’t look like that


You can tint the envcubemap with $envmaptint "[<red float> ]"


Per-pixel, though.

Mm, while unique, I don’t think the original model lends itself too well to aesthetics, at least with this interpretation. But I guess it might look better with textures.


Hey Juniez, I was taking a more detailed look at your Glock and SPAS models, and I noticed just how many little bevels and insets there were on the mesh itself, as well has how smooth they are. Is there any particular special method you used to achieve this, such as sculpting or specific modifiers, or is it just standard box/manifold modelling?


Come to think of it, I’ve also noticed super soft edges, even on your OF2 work waaay back when. I’d also like to know what technique you use to achieve that.


trade secrets



Damn, that’s some nice metal.

Appears I’ve a new trick to try out. You’ve made a beginner very happy. <3


this looks unreal (in a positive way) !


Oh hey those look good, guy. Make sure you use the latest and cratest normals for those hands:

Feel free to edit the shaders or retexture the hands if you feel the need. They were made before I put the time in to learn Source shaders.
Aaaand credits if you release with those hands:


thanks. i already have hands though & i’m not going to release any in game rigged models so the choice of arms should be up to whoever rigs it for their release. here are some shots of the hands from the cancelled reanimation effort: