Black Mesa Classic Weapons


Well what can I say apart from this is very very nice…

I don’t really play computer games anymore I feel like I really have just grown out of it all together and that was happening anyway because I was more interested in creating than playing.

But I may come back and have a play if this becomes available and then I will buy Steam Black Mesa and hopefully finished version of Single Player.

Your mod is the only thing capable of getting me back to Black Mesa just so you know…And your doing a mighty fine job . That’s not to diminish Black Mesa the Mod but I am waiting for this more than I am for xen now.

Keep up the great work!


God I hope IIopn uses these.


About the crowbar model, while I really like how faithful it is to the original, I also feel conflicted in that it doesn’t look like the nail puller part would work, which is a thing that’s different from the guns as everything about those still looks functional. Maybe you could put the fissure for the nail puller in the area where the polygons meet at the tip of the original model and reshape around it as you see fit? Just a suggestion. Aside from that nitpick, it looks great.

That Gluon Gun though just looks sexy as hell.

And whenever these get rigged I hope your hands will be one of the available options.


I hope he uses these, too. :smiley:


last wep


Just discovered this and holy shit, this is awesome! I can’t stress enough how good this is! Just a question though, sorry if missed the point where you answered that already but is this gonna work on the retail or just the legacy mod?


who knows


You :stuck_out_tongue:
Seriously though i read through all the posts, i hope it still stands at you releasing it with default anims on the workshop.

And that RPG looks very nice btw, i’ve always been a fan of the original SD pack so i can’t help myself not to fanboy :thumbsup:

Hey also i guess an unrelated question, that HL2 Model pack you’ve worked on sometime ago with Mr. Brightside and Fewes, i remember someone saying that it will be used in the HL2 Enhancement mod, seeing as that has been suspended for now due to Source 2 and stuff, i was wondering if that pack will still be used for that mod.


I don’t believe that was ever the case


Huh, well i guess then somebody maybe just made a suggestion, i don’t really remember.


I think that the armor has to be the same color as the charger HEV


I don’t think so:


If you are saying this:

…then you did not.


Damn it, then i missed something. Well i’ll just get out before i post anymore ignorant shit.
It’s just that i’m in a such hurry these days my attention span is non-existent.
Sorry 'bout that

And what did i miss then?



Ooh, i did read that post but i didn’t understand it completely, now i do. English ain’t exactly my first language, but that excuse can only get me so far, sorry about that ^^’
So that’s alright. Thanks for clearing that up for me.


That armor more brightness anyway


I don’t really care what color the armor is. For all i could care, it could be pink with ponies on it, and if they were on these classic weapons, i would still use them.


I can’t get over how smooth your texturing style is. Mind posting what your texture flats and vmt look like? I’d also enjoy a wireshot of your model… uuuh, the glock maybe.
Brown-nosing aside, the texel density on the screen and scope lens on the RPG are way off compared to the rest of the model. You should fix dat.


It’s undoubtedly a temp texture from HL1. He’ll change it.