Black Mesa: Crossfire


“Hey everyone, I’ve been following the BMS team since the beginning. I’ve just decided to actually make a forum account. This is my first post.” - pointless information.

I’ve now decided to show off a project I’ve been working on since around 2010/2011. As impatient as I was; I’ve decided that I should make my own Black Mesa map. I wasn’t very creative because I just went directly to the bm forums to look for reference idea. Tada! I’ve chosen crossfire. Entirely based off of friend’s ideas/pictures and even the trailer test video. From there, I decided to work. I’ve made several hundred versions so far, and only released three to the public – testing multiplayer aspects etc. I now decided to release a few pictures to the Show Off section.

note #1: cl_drawhud is enabled, sorry if that bothers you.

note #2: Sorry if the images are too small, my monitor only goes to 1600x900.

note #3: The white glow-y anonymous figures in the backgrounds of some pictures is a glitch known to the latest version (trying to fix).

note #4: I didn’t want to show too much due to the creation of curiosity.

I’ve also released a video on a really early build, HERE IT IS. A lot of things have changed from that video; I even tried to replicate certain objects from other crossfire remake maps in the time of this video that are now removed/modified. This also means: the courtyard/helipad area (that wasn’t shown in the pictures) is almost changed completely.

If you have any questions, go ahead and ask them here, message me on steam, or email me ([email protected]).



What graphics settings did you use? The shots are a bit jaggy and the textures are a bit muddy at longer distances.

That said, I can definitely recognize Crossfire’s layout, look and feel. Nice job! Can’t wait to see this run in BMDM.



Looking very nice! Admittedly not what I excepted the ascetic to look like (I was expecting something more akin to Surface Tension’s design), but you’ve been at this since before BM was even released, so it is understandable to see it as it is now.

Having played the original crossfire quite a bit, I do have one quip; that gated door that you can see in the second and third pictures, the one that leads to the alleyway (which in turn leads towards the gloun cannon pickup room). That seems so slim, and it it appears like it would prevent movement through that area. With how fast-paced HLDM is (and especially this area of the crossfire map), I would recommend either destroying that gate so that it’s maybe laying facedown, or remove it entirely.

Leave stuff like doors and the like as decorative elements, and make absolute sure that the area would play the exact same as if they weren’t there (that means clips!)

I’m very excited to see where you take this map, and I look forward to seeing it on servers when the multiplayer component drops!



Yeah, I’ve been having issues with the Source Engine applying my options I set. I guess I forgot to max it out in the .cfg. Thanks btw!

Completely understandable, this is one of the main reasons why I like to share my work: it allows me to work on things the community (or specific user) has in mind for me to make better. Thanks for the input.



That’s the best kind of attitude to have about it. If the community can help you make something better, why not set pride aside and make it better?

The map is looking great BTW! My only thoughts are that it should be ported to Black Mesa to use more of their assets instead of Half-Life 2. Keep up the good work!



Yeah, about that…
I’m slowly trying to convert assets to BMS textures/models/etc., but it seems that most of the models and textures wont suffice the feel I’m trying to set for the map. I have plans, for sure, to design textures for an outland-y (destruction-ish) feel.

At least I’m using some Black Mesa textures/models as you can see in some pictures, and in other parts of the map also (that aren’t shown).


Sorry if the pictures are taken badly; this area is kinda hard to picture without actually exploring in person.



If you decide you want any help with textures, I wouldn’t mind helping.



Oh cool, that would be great! I’ll keep that into consideration…
Thanks for your support man!



T’is pretty indeed, keep going.



I’ve been working on other projects for the source engine lately so I decided I’m going to show off some more work on the map later in the up coming weeks.



It would add to the destruction-feel if there were silhouettes or “shadows” of nuke victims on a wall or two in the open Spaces, this IS Crossfire after all.
Like these from the Japan bombings:
These are also rarely seen in video games, not even Modern Warfare as far as I know.



I’m glad to hear you haven’t given up! I look forward to seeing some new stuff :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



I actually like that idea. It can be done! The only difficult part is: where do I put these? I’ll probably go through areas that look ‘bland’ and go through some tests. On the other hand, I have two active versions of this map. One has an aerial missile strike, and the second has a rocket launch. The rocket launch one is what is shown on this forum post.

I’ve also got some more pictures! yey

This is the left back corner.

Same area, showing different angles.

This one shows the 3D skybox at work. (It’s about 99% complete, I’ll probably add more depth into the plateau.

About 92.352% of the map has been retextured.

The right (outside) back corner.

This is showing that the interior is going to be and office of some kind
up for change

Some how, my optimization doesn’t help in some areas in the map, I really am sorry for the ugly presentation.



The outside bunker, and missile silo. This picture also shows the side road that goes to the edge of the map.

This is the back left corner in the bunker courtyard, note that I added a vent in the ceiling for quick access between rooms.

One of my favorites.

Another one.

I didn’t really want to show this one, but why the hell not?

Rocket leaving the silo, comes with additional particle effects and sounds.

Pointless picture… Just throwing that out there.

This one has a little more ‘point’ to it. I was hopping the rocket would like ‘big’ enough to demonstrate the factor of ‘propulsion blast’ so people would believe they were burnt when the rocket left the silo.

That’s all I can show for now… Sorry for the late update. I do need to figure out why I’m having issues again. :’(
sorry for the double post, couldn’t fit all the pictures



That rocket idea almost makes the idea that the Buildings keep standing after the blast believable, although why anbody would make a missile silo that close to Buildings like that is beyond me :wink:



The lighting looks a bit more bland than your initial screenshots, but it’s still super pretty and miles better than anything I could ever pull off, nice work.



Very nice work! My only suggestion would be to chop about 25-50% off the top of those mesas in the skybox, I think they would look more believable then.



Thanks for the support you guys…

It is quite difficulty getting everything optimized, the lighting is 100% garbage, I agree with you. The skybox is up for a huge change for sure; this was a test at hand. I apologize for the poor quality, hammer/Source engine have seem to be against me for a while now.

The whole mound/mountain structure behind the bunker (in world) is very buggy looking and is up for change as well.

This is one of those maps where you spend almost all of your time on and it just stabs you in the back. I’m almost ready to push this aside and start working on gasworks or stalkyard.

Thank you for your patience and I’m curious myself on how the crossfire map will look by the BMS Dev team; hopefully not far off.

EDIT: I’ve been working on gasworks for a few days now. It’s extremely time consuming due to Half-Life 1 and it’s logic. I say this because the map ‘gasworks’ takes place in some industrial facility; most likely part of BMF. So, with few screenshots and trying to cope with bland-ness of Half-Life style (don’t get me wrong I love the Half-Life style/feel) It will probably take a lot longer. With that said I might as well start on other maps: Stalkyard, Bounce, Datacore, Frenzy, Undertow, Lambda_bunker, and Subtransit; probably add some of my own additions. I’ve created Half-Life (Goldsrc) maps in the past, I might as well convert them over.

On the other hand, I’m not as pleased with the attention this is getting. I don’t care that much, but I’m really looking for support and constructive criticism. No problem though. I’ll keep pumping out information as long as this post is alive.