Black Mesa death toll.

Okay, so I was bored today, and thought that it would be funny to count all the deaths of Half Life 1. I only counted human deaths, and didn’t include those caused directly by the player. I also counted the zombies as dead. I didn’t count the deaths by chapter after leaving Lambda core. Here are the numbers:

Unforeseen consequences:
Security guards:5
*1 more if you step in the bridge where that lone scientist is standing, and make him fall to his death

Total chapter deaths: 33(34)

Office complex:
Security guards:5(6)*
*There are 4 scientists that will die if the player doesn’t save them. In that case that would make them 20 deads
*There is 1 security guard that will be killed by a zombie if the player doesn’t
save him
*There are two skulls near a group of barnacles, they count as dead too.

Total chapter deaths:32(37)

We’ve got hostiles:
Security guards:2
*There are 4 scientists that are usually killed by the HECU but can be saved.
*There are 2 soldiers that will die by friendly fire during the bombing in the surface, although I don’t know it that’s intentional or a bug)

Total chapter deaths:11(17)

Blast pit:
Security guards: 3(4*)
*There is 1 guard that will die when the player turns on the rocket

Total chapter deaths:23(24)

Power up:


Total chapter deaths:4

On a rail:

*There are 3 grunts that will almost always die while fighting vortigaunts

Total chapter deaths:16(19)


Security guards:1

Total chapter deaths:6

Residue processing:

Security guards:1(2*)
*There is 1 guard killed by a barnacle that can be saved if the player runs into it before him. Otherwise it’s impossible as you don’t have other weapons than the crowbar

Total chapter deaths:2(3)

Questionable ethics:

Security guards:1
*There is 1 HECU marine that is almost always killed by a bullsquid, but sometimes can be saved by his mates)

Total chapter deaths:2(3)

Surface tension:

Security guards: 3(4*)
*There is 1 security guard that will kill 2 HECU soldiers and then be killed by a third, but if the player assists him, he may survive)
*HECU has heavy losses during combat in this chapter, these may vary but can reach as much as 6.

Total chapter deaths:17(24)

Forget about Freeman:
Security guards:2
*HECU might also have losses in combat in this chapter, although not always

Total chapter deaths:4(7)

Lambda core:


Total chapter deaths:9

All Xen levels:
HEV suit guys:20
*There’s a scene in the end level, where G-man teleports you to a location that looks like the earth, but with a strange sky. There you’ll see 6 HECU soldiers dead, 3 destroyed M1 Abrams, and a downed F-16. I didn’t count them as I don’t know if that’s supposed to be a hallucination or actually the Earth.

Total deaths from Xen:20(26*)

Total deaths from all Black Mesa chapters:

Security guards:23(26)
HECU: 32(40)
Zombies: 39

Total Black Mesa:166(186)
Total Black Mesa+Xen:186(212/206*)
*212 if including those soldiers from the End level.

So we can say that at least 166 died in Black Mesa during the resonance cascade. We have to add all the deads caused by Gordon, that might even more than these numbers.

And if you add up all the people who died at Gordon’s Hands… that’d be…

Enough deaths to make this lovely Picture:

If we can find a way to count all of the NPCs in Half-Life, then we can add that up to this number, and then we can kinda/sorta know everyone who died in HL1, since they can be killed by the player. It’s really a neither here nor there kinda thing though.

In Unforeseen Consequences, the security guard being revived by the scientist at the beginning survives if you go backwards later and check on him. Also, the first security guard you meet after talking to Eli may or may not die depending on whether or not you save him. Did you consider both of these things.

This is why I like forums.

Yes I did. Actually I played the whole game with notarget, the guard after Eli killed the two zombies by himself, I didn’t need to help him.
(You made me realise there was another dead guard in Unforeseen consequences, in the tram station)

The shit was nuked tho.

Yeah, so there’s a good chance the living people Gordon meets also died. But we can’t say for certain. :smiley:

you were pretty bored weren’t you

Dude… how long did that take you??? :aah:

Four hours, I guess. It’s like what it takes to complete the game. I didn’t kill enemies and I used notarget and sometimes noclip so I was going faster than usual.

Ah yeah, fair enough no clip would defiantly help. haha

Huh, interesting. What sparked the idea of doing this?

In Xen there are:
22 dead HEV-wearing scientists
7 dead soldiers
1 living scientist

And a partridge and a pear tree


Sweet. I wonder if someone will undertake a similar project in Black Mesa. I think it would be interesting to see how the death toll compares.