Black Mesa : Decay - First two maps remake

Hello everyone,
I’m actually remaking the first two levels of Half-Life : Decay (dy_accident1 and 2). I am not a good mapper so I know that maps will not be perfect.

Some screenshots:

More screenshots will come later.

I had some problems with faceposer too so I had to use existing scenes.
Tell me what you think.
Sorry for my bad english (if my english is bad of course)

Didn’t you get banned like 3 years ago

If you’re not good at mapping, don’t even plan on doing a remake.
Todays community will slaughter, crush, and eat you alive.
Gaming communitys basicilly became like wild nature…
The strongest only can survive.

You got actual Collette/Gina models planned? It could be really nice, and you would pick up very handy and very nice experiences along the way regardless of the outcome.

I’m sorry, you really need to practice more before creating an entire remake, or public maps.

I learned mapping via this site:

Learn proper lighting, optimization, and detail before creating something like this.

Never mind jumping on t’ bandwagon and just creating a remake because every else is.

TLDR: Wait til you’re better before creating something like this.

I wish you the best of luck.

Only the first two maps or the whole thing?
Either way, I don’t mean to discourage you, but it’s best you practice a lot more and put lots of effort (Read: Days, weeks, etc.) into your maps. Especially before showing them off. The internet is pretty harsh.

The maps aren’t very detailed. Most empty boxes. Fill it with details!

He’ll get better along the way. That’s where’s my buck.

Of course.
The internet is actually pretty good for getting feedback if you’re in a good community/are brave.

I don’t think he is doing it for others, but just a hobby he would like to share from his good will alone, expecting more from him that he does from himself is a little silly.

Jesus fucking christ people if the guy wants to map, let him map, who the hell said he can’t learn anything from attempting to do something this big, Black Mesa modders are few and far between as it is, a little encouragement could go a long way.

I agree with this sentiment.

Hey OP, if you need any tips feel free to message me or anyone else about mapping. As mentioned, is a great website to learn about Source development.

I use my first post to encourage you with all my heart dude, keep going!

Thanks for all your encouragements^^! Thanks too for the website about Source developpment. I know that the maps hasn’t many details but I will improve mabe, post updates.
Oh, thank you very much Shangeilion!

Keep it up bro, and don’t forget to post new mediaz ASAP :retard:

Updates. I tried to add more details

All the comments are welcome. Hope you enjoy the maps and see the difference. (Sorry if my english is bad)

Actually, not horrible. Maybe as time goes on you’ll improve to the point that you’ll be able to attract some help in the form of a dev team. :slight_smile:

In fact, it doesn’t look bad at all!

So what can I improve? What I have to add or remove…

In the third screenshot, what is the scientist waiting for? If it’s the tram, the tram rail is too high.

The last screen is awesome now, except, too bad the wooden texture sucks.