Black Mesa fire wallpaper

Just want to show my appreciation for the mod by leaving you with this HD wallpaper of a really hot Black Mesa logo.
(Resolution: 1920x1080)

Quite nice. Someone would probaly use this as their desktop wallpaper, umm, just not me.

Pretty nice. Kind of unrelated to the mod, but it looks pretty decent.

:bms: Very nice, I like it :slight_smile:

Why is it on fire? :frowning:

Fire is hot. Black Mesa is set in a hot desert. You fire weapons. Ummm… You kill the tentacles with the fire in the rocket propulsion test chamber? I dunno.

Haha, I think we got the point :smiley:

Fire Mesa or something? :smiley:


Didn’t give any thought to the actual meaning of this thing.
I guess it’s for your hardcore people out there who regard HL1 on hard mode as a gentle stroll in the park on Monday morning.

Fairy muff (fair enough).

I like it.

I like it, and use it :slight_smile: Black father and the snow faeries with laser guns were getting boring anyway.