Black Mesa Full Walkthrough with all Achievments and Full HD ;D


Hey, im doing a Black Mesa Walkthrough… I try to get all Achievments and the Achievments that i Lost i do after the project in an extra Video!

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I upload every Day a new Part since Part 14. On Weekend 2 Videos oder more per Day!

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Part 15 At this Time every Video will be 1080p and really good Quality

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Every Part is 1080p Best Quality and i got nearly every Achievment that i can get until this Part :smiley: Every other Achievment comes at the end of this Walkthrough!



Thank you for taking the time to do this walk through. I really appreciate the hard work you have done. It made me download the game and start playing it. Cheers bro :slight_smile:



Thanks for the walk through.
I saw that you jump very high at part 6 (03.44 -04.10) to reach the venting hole through pipes.
I cant jump so high. I managed to climb a barrel to the first pipe, and i did the same for the first horizontal pipe. Now i have jumped across but i cant grab any barrels to climb to the last pipe that guides to the venting hole.
How you can jump so high??
You make it seems so easy!!!
I have spend the last 4 hours for something you did at 14 sec’s at your walkthrouth and i an not finished yet!!!

You tube link



jump + crouch



This is why BM either should have included the Hazard Course or made the player jump higher.



jump + crouch

Thanks m8. You saved my game!!



You took too much time.Poor gaming.



Nice walkthrough. I especially like the fact that you are not jabbering your mouth off while going through the game. Too many walkthroughs have folks yapping and it is too distracting.