Black Mesa: Gasworks


Since screenshots take too much time to setup, and I’ve already created the video of the content might as well just link to the video.

note: There are no weapons in their rightful place due to me recording in Half-Life 2 Episode 2…

This is the 3rd map I’ve recreated from scratch using reference images on the site and my own knowledge of the Half-Life series. Some features in these maps from the original Half-Life are hard to let go as it seem to have done in the actual mod. So I’m kinda going against the theme the Black Mesa Dev team set in the first place. Even though the chances of these ever being official maps are slim to none, I do the work just to keep the community members that need that extra piece of motivation or just for fun.

Lambda_bunker is 100% complete and I’d like to say gasworks is too, but it needs a few more fixes and model/texture changes. Crossfire is about complete but could use a hell of a lot of optimizing; and I need the time to compile it.

The two videos: Crossfire; Lambda_Bunker
(please note Lambda_Bunker is a 100% remake not a recompiled version of the in-game map c3a1. I wanted to clarify because I worked hard to establish my own hard work into it; I used in-game reference to design the whole level.)


hint: Since I did a revamp/overhaul of the crossfire project this video is severely outdated, but at least you get the whole idea of it.

EDIT: Lambda_bunker might be considered as a SPOILER! View at your own risk.

Thanks for the support, and have fun.



Very nice work!



Thanks, I’m working on a few more changes to gasworks, and a new map called dm_office. Dm_office was a map from the PS2 and Dreamcast (no-retail) copy of Half-Life. This was another easy map to create due to it being a part from the Half-Life Campaign. I’ll either make a new post about that map, or edit this one for the details.