Black mesa menu backround and chapter progression issue

So i had black mesa for a while now and i only recently noticed that the new game selection screen only shows chapters 1-5 available and the backround menu only shows chapter 5’s backround, even though i have finished the game, the backround remains the same and the chapter selection still shows the ones available for selection are chapters 1-5. i have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game but it it still shows the backround for chapter 5 and the new game selection still only goes up to chapter 5. I have tried the console command for all levels but when i exit and relaunch the game, the chapters still only show chapters 1-5 available for a new game. I have also tried uninstalling source sdk 2007 and reinstalling it, but no luck there. What can i do to solve this problem? its getting on my nerves. thank you!

The levels you’ve unlocked aren’t located in Source SDK Base 2007 - they’re located in BMS files. I came across the document once that showed how many chapters I’d completed. But I don’t remember what it was.

Try opening the console at start and type in “map credits” and see if that unlocks all the chapters.

i tried this but my issue still remains present after i exit and relaunch the game

i also tried editing the config.360.cfg file and setting sv_unlockedchapters to 15 but that didnt do anything.

Try doing the following in console~:

sv_cheats 1
sv_unlockedchapters 15

already tried it.
doesnt solve my problem

You can use the console to load directly into Lambda Core, and that should automatically unlock all the other chapters by virtue of the game detecting you’ve loaded into Lambda Core.

From the menu, open the console and run the command:

map bm_c3a2a

Load into the map, and see if that fixes it. If that doesn’t…not really sure what more can be done if you tried the sv_unlockedchapters 15 thing.