Black Mesa Mod Publishing tool Guide - How use and edit workshop submissions.


Technically it’s Valve’s fault, since the issue was introduced back with the Steampipe update, but they haven’t done anything to rectify it in the years since. Hopefully CC will.


Since the latest content update and such, my mod apparently disables AI and I need to create new bsp´s. So my question is: how do I update my workshop-mod? I mean, step by step. Do I publish the whole mod again with updated files or just the files I that wan´t to update?


blackmesa_publish.exe still not work :confused: I want to load my map in workshop, but when you open a write error


uploaded my map to the workshop however i cant get it to work i resized the BMS window to 512 x 512 then took a screenshot and a images file path will not appear no matter what i do

here the image is


The images on your workshop item works for me.


sorry meant the thumbnail for me it shows up as a missing image icon the picture in the right of the screeenshot scroller

I think i am doing something wrong with the screenshot uploader as i rolled back to the CU2 crossfire and had the same isssue