Black Mesa Mod Work in Progress Showoff Thread


They can shoot down rockets? Lolwut? Didn’t even know that…

In the meantime, I tried to make my own “sprint” system, complete with stamina and breathing sounds when sprinting. (you don’t have an HEV suit in the map I’m working on)
Needless to say, I fucked up badly. This is the result:
(The sounds do NOT get stopped because ambient_generics in Source are a complete nightmare. Turns out I have to make my custom sounds loopable first, just so that I have a way of stopping them. Lol.)


Set the volume to 0.

Wouldn’t it also be easier to give the player the suit and disable the HUD w/ point_clientcommand? Granted you might not be able to properly reenable it, but baby steps.


Thanks for the volume 0 tip, gonna try that!
As for the HEV suit without HUD: I was going to try that, as far as I know there is no way to implement a stamina system that only lets the player sprint for a couple of seconds before requiring him to recover.
Currently I’m using a
1.) game_ui to keep track of player input
2.) player_speedmod to modify the player’s speed
3.) a math_counter ranging from 1 to 100 to track the players “stamina”. Its value is constantly being increased by a logic_timer (1 per 0.1 seconds) and each 0.1 seconds that the player is sprinting in decreases the math_counter value by 3. When the counter reaches its minimum 1 the player is forced to wait for the stamina to recover (the counter being refilled) until he is allowed to sprint again.
4.) a few more relays and logic_branches (using the logic_branches to ensure the player is holding the sprint key AND is moving forwards when sprinting)
The system works pretty well itself (except for the absolutely HORRIBLE SOUNDS lol) and I’ve ironed out most bugs, but a few problems remain: the player_speedmod entity for instance only speeds up the player in the sense that even jumping is faster. This results in the player not being able to jump any farther when sprinting, because - while he technically is faster - gravity is pulling him down faster as well. To “fix” this issue I’ve just disabled jumping for the time being… although “fixing” might be the wrong term.
Another issue is: using the game_ui, I cannot fire an output when the player hits the shift key (or whatever the player has bound his sprint key to). Only +attack, +attack2 and the movement directions. This is why I’m using “Mouse2” (attack2) as my custom sprint button: I just don’t have access to the regular sprint button. It’s not that bad I suppose, but oh well.


Why not just use a player_speedmod, modify speed to 1.01 and check the flags to hide the hud?

Not sure about the sounds the hev suit does, but maybe you could override them with silent sounds with packrat.


Nice idea as well. I’m gonna try a few different things, see what works best. Thanks for your suggestions guys! Really appreciate it.


First post time.

Just a little project I’ve been working on. Trying to recreate the first half-life mod I ever played, Edge of Darkness, in Black Mesa.

My rendition of the yard from Map 2:

Big old credit to Chris Spain, the original creator. Thanks for the inspiration to start mapping.


I like the lighting. The building in the background looks a bit blocky tho, add a roof to it and make sure the texture is aligned?


I got extremely bored tonight (it’s 8:23 in the morning as I’m writing this) so I made a little system for playing dynamic (well, sort of) soundtracks. Basically, it allows me to loop parts of a soundtrack until an input is being fired (I’m using buttons in this video for demonstration purposes) to continue on with the next portion of the track. The reason for this is to make the transition between the different “parts” of the track as seamless as possible.
I suck at explaining (possibly because I’m failing words in general at the moment) so I just made a little video instead. A picture is worth a thousand words, except if you’re dealing with sounds so here’s a video. Where the fuck am I going with this.[/size]
(I used the deleted On A Rail soundtrack because why not.)
My thought behind this was that it could be used for a fight scene. Just before the fight is about to begin (for instance when you’re about to enter a room with a lot of enemies in it) the first two parts of the soundtrack start playing. When you enter the room (and the fight begins) it will switch to the main part of the track. When the last enemy is down it will switch to the final, ending part as soon as it can. My goal with this was to make the transitions as smooth and seamless as possible (as previously established).
Aaanyway. Have fun guys…


interesting, keep at it and I’d really like to use it.


Something I have been working on:


Looks very cool. Just based on the video, the flow of the map feels great. Obviously, some more detail in certain areas could be used, but it looks pretty good for a WIP.

One question though. The security guard skin. Is this something you downloaded, or is there a way to force the game to use the multiplayer skins?


Workshop mod, I wish there was a setting to force the game to use it though.

Especially because I plan on pulling an Azure Sheep and giving the player an HEV suit at one point. Pretty much impossible right now though.


Very nice- it’s still kind of rough around the edges, but it’s already got that classic HL1 feel to it.

Also, am I the only one who notices a strong resemblance to the beginning of Azure Sheep?


Looks very solid, especially for a WIP! But I feel like there should be some distant explosions when the siren goes off or other ambient sounds. I’m pretty sure that people in other parts of the facility didn’t have to rely on sirens to realise that shit hit the fan as soon as the resonance cascade happened…


I agree- actually, I’d say having one big explosion that shakes the whole area would better communicate that something big had just happened.

Actually, another thing that you could do is have the power go out briefly and then come back on with the lights much dimmer as auxiliaries kick in- electrical systems were probably the one thing that would be immediately and globally affected by the Resonance Cascade.


Looks good!

The big thing that I thought was really wrong was the fire scene.

After the sprinkler system had been activated and put out 90% of the fire there was not even a drop of water on the floor. There should be pools of water there don’t you think?


@Admiral Sakai - I have considered a temporary power outage in the beginning, but I’m so lazy with scripting that I have postponed pretty much indefinitely :stuck_out_tongue: I should probably get on to adding something to indicate that shit has hit the fan, although instead of an explosion I would settle for a shockwave.

@CPU - I honestly hadn’t considered water on the floor, but I will definitely see what I can do about it. I’m thinking that some overlays are the way to go.

Anyway, I really appreciate all the criticism, if you guys have anything else just keep it coming.


For the explosion effect I advice using an entity called “env_shake”. Name it something (e.g. explosion_shake), set an amplitude between 0-16 (up to you), set a duration and a frequency (2.5 is the default value and it’s pretty good, but you can experiment with different values). You can tick the “GlobalShake” flag in order to make it shake everywhere (it overrides the effect radius keyvalue). Next, fire the input “StartShake” in order to start shaking. That’s all there is to it!
As for water puddles, unfortunately Black Mesa doesn’t have any models for that so I’m guessing using overlays is the way to go. CS:GO has some water puddle models, so if you really want puddle models that you can just “spawn” (or make visible rather) you would have to extract them from CS:GO’s game files.
Another thing I noticed is the lack of soundscapes! I know, your map is a bit early in development to worry about soundscapes, but they are very powerful. Note how “Unforseen Consequences” uses soundscapes to simulate explosions that are happening outside the actual level. It gives it a very alive and immersing feel. And given that your map takes place right after the resonance cascade, the occasional explosion in the background wouldn’t hurt for sure.


It has a Black Mesa atmosphere, and that is important thing.Also I noticed that you are using a “real windows” on 3:30 instead of fake ones.Need more work with surface location,maybe add a skybox from surface tension uncut so it will be much cooler than just an invisible wall.


So I did some changes to my silly dynamic music system. I’m gonna keep this short, since I really don’t want to spam this thread.
pretty cool thumbnail eh…?

The video should cover everything important, but here’s a quick overview nontheless:
The main part is now seperated into two different parts. Previously it was ~44 seconds long, which meant that when hitting the button to switch to the final segment it sometimes took up to 44 seconds for the switch to happen. Each of the two parts is now just 22 seconds long and can be switched midway through, reducing maximum wait times to just 11 seconds.
Main Part 1 is supposed to play when the action starts and shit hits the fan.
Main Part 2 is supposed to play when the action is still going on but nearing its conclusion, the climax of the battle.