Black Mesa Mod Work in Progress Showoff Thread


All parts of Black Mesa constantly work 100% at all times up until a build is pushed to the public


probably using the Alien Swarm particle editor, then porting the particles over to Black Mesa? That would be my guess anyway.


He hesitantly showed another screenshot in hopes of reminding himself people might actually care whether he finishes or not


Don’t be silly, of course people do care! We’re just spoiled with so much HL goodness bbd mods! Keep it up and pretty please, do finish it, ok?

On another note: Let me get this straight. So you are working on your own Source rendition of Uplink, using BM Resources + own models. And then there’s tripmine studios - which you are a part if - and which is working on its own rendition of Uplink, building it from ground up.

Are these projects in any way related? Or should be understood as completely seperate projects? Still: the prospects if having 2 more Uplink reworks is thrilling!

By the way, the pic looks awesome af. damn son. keep it up!


Nah, the two are entirely separate projects. FD’s exclusively me w/ huge amounts of feedback from PSR.

Thankies, glad you like how it’s coming along!


Hmm, not a big fan of the giant gray pillars intermittently spaced around the railing, but other than that pretty impressive!

I am wondering, though, why the Lambda Complex uses the Anomalous Materials textures and not its own…


Yeah, Half-Life’s weird like that. It’s how the source material was so I just rolled with it. Beyond that airlock is much more Lambda-like.


I got bored so I needed to do something stupid. I´m sorry.


I CARE! The lighting is fantastic!

Didn’t know nostalgia-goosebumps are a thing.


Would anyone be bothered if my HD arms were updated to look like this? It’s a work in progress of course, particularly the texture, but still. It’s a massive geometry change.


Way smoother and form-fitting. Make more sense than the “before”.


WAYYYYY better. Keep going.


A lot better! Update not working, though.


Getting kind of a sumo-wrestler vibe, which is not a bad thing.


I’d say go way lighter on the teeth density and make them a bit thicker. Looks pretty noisy as-is.

Other than that, looking great so far! You planning on rigging it to the vanilla sequences?


what the hell happend to this thread? who are these bs-spammers? Sounds like the same guy with diffrent accounts.
Anyway, this is not the right place for you complaints (And it’s sure as hell not the right way to put your complaints, for that matter). So please, keep this otherwise interesting thread clean from these kind of posts. thanks.


Wrong game, buddy, the Doom forums are that way.


I think it could use some more muscle on the lower legs; they don’t look big enough to support that large upper body.


Yeah, much better.


Really liking the materials thus far. Are you thinking you’d like to try your hand at the hivehand as well, or are you going to match the armor to the vanilla’s materials?