Black Mesa: Office


This is another finished deathmatch map. It was originally shipped with the Dreamcast and Play Station 2 retail copies of Half-Life (I don’t think the Dreamcast version was released to public). It didn’t actually come with retail Half-Life for PC. The maps name differed from all the others because of the “dm_” prefix, I just left it out for the sake of matching up with the rest of the group.

Real info:
The reason why I did this map before any other ‘real’ map was because of the simplicity of the level design, such with lambda_bunker, it made it way easier to recreate. The Half-Life 1 version of the map really was just a modified copy of c1a2a. HERE

My version is a bit bigger, and stayed true to the Black Meas theme. I added quite a few new areas and tried my best to copy in-game map bm_c1a2b.

link to video



I really enjoyed dm_office for its simplicity, I like the looks of your recreation.