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Yeah I don’t really think Gordon should be on a poster.
He’s our silent ninja with a crowbar. :freeman:

why would you fuck up a nice looking picture with that shitty effect. that just looks plain ugly to be honest.

I’ll just say I hate this poster and the wallpaperit comes from. All of it is so anatomically wrong. Gordon’s lower body is all over the place - he looks like a midget, quite literally, with weird, thin, short legs, a dislodged left thigh, weird looking hips and an extremely small dick. Also the awkward arms with no slits for articulation. Not to mention Gordon’s chiseled abs, spandex suit, and stupid coif. I don’t get why people like it so much.

inb4 omg aboose[/SIZE]

also what crazy motherfucker with a phd in theoretical physics attacks one of those things with a crowbar.


One who is not fluent with kinetics.