Black Mesa: Rapidcore


Here is another Black Mesa multiplayer map. It might seem that I’m spamming these thread posts, but each are different. I plan on making a big compilation when I get more done.

Anyhow, This one is far from finished I just wanted to show something being done. This one is a tad more difficult to make because the Black Mesa theme changes the actual purpose of the map (aka not emulating lambda reactor). So I have to experiment with different ideas and designs. Thanks to the lovely BM DEV they left me three pictures to work off of. So the moment you haven’t been waiting for… hehe.

Black Mesa: Rapidcore (sorta)

I’ll be uploading videos of this map in parts, and I’ll be updating this thread so keep checking on it every once in a while. I can’t guarantee any updates back-to-back, but there will be time in between.



It looks pretty cool, hopefully you wont mind if I deliver a bit of constructive criticism. It lacks that blue-ish Lambda Core feeling that the original Rapidcore had, y’know where everything was super clean and in stainless steel rather than concrete. This video makes it look like something out of Questionable Ethics (which isn’t necessarily bad).



Yeah, I see what you mean. I was thinking the same exact thing. I was just trying to use the screenshots on the BMS Wiki, this map is still up for change.