Black Mesa Screenshots?


Where are the Black Mesa screenshot files saved in the local files?


When you load up Black Mesa from Steam, you can take screenshots and, when you’re done with playing, you’ll get a “Screenshot Uploader” window with a “SHOW ON DISK” button. Click that to open the folder.

Otherwise, it appears to be in the following location:

Steam/userdata/[User ID]/760/remote/

Then search through the directories in there for the correct game’s screenshots.

Good luck! (I think 760 is the correct folder.)


Depends on whether you took screenshots w/ Steam (F12), or the BM screenshot key (F5).

If the former, follow Daniel’s instructions.
If the latter, they’ll be in your BMS\screenshots folder.


I didn’t even know about the F5 screenshot key.


You can also bind “screenshot” to a key and that’ll output an uncompressed TGA to the screenfinder folder. :stuck_out_tongue: