Black Mesa vs. Aperture Science

So who would you rather work for? Black Mesa or Aperture Science.
Both are research companies competing against each other for grant money. If you could work at either company what would you do and why would you work there.

I would much rather work for Black Mesa then Aperture. For one I like the feel I get from being in a labyrinth of labs and such. I also love the bunker type of facility they have. I wouldn’t mind being a security guard or a scientist. Hell I would be happy to be a maintenance man.

What say you?

Glados’ voice turns me on and deadly neurotoxins make me have mad trips before I die, so Aperture Science it is.

Work at Black Mesa and fight aliens or work at Aperture and get killed by a robot?

Hmmmm. . . .

Black Mesa is full of cranky old people btw.

Aperture Science. Glados has a fucked up sense of humor. Wouldn’t miss it for the world.

Besides, higher res textures would hurt my eyes less in the long term…

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That doesn’t make any sense.

It does if you read it carefully and properly.

I think.

Does too! At least until BM is released…

No, because we’re referring to it as if they were real places to work at, not the actual videogame versions.


Yes well…

ya irl versions of the game, duh

Hmm… I’d prefer Black Mesa, because then I can get a hazmat suit. Though, Aperture has some cool suits as well…

Aperture Science seems more… technologically advanced and modern, it feels more casual.

I thought I’d want to be with Black Mesa, but after a thought, Aperture Science.

Black Mesa got vending machines.

Black Mesa definately … to show anti-material particles who’s boss :wink:

Black Mesa isn’t in the habit of manufacturing deadly killing machines to run their lab, so. . . BMRF.

Black Mesa. At least the security system doesn’t try to kill you until after everything goes haywire.

Black Mesa.

Pros: Gordon Freeman; we know at least some people got out of there alive; lots of different secret projects; more government funding.

Cons: Resonance cascade, ridiculous ties

Aperture Science

Pros: Very cool equipment, free companion cube, no visible cockroaches

Cons: Insane super computer, deadly neurotoxin, creepy sentry guns, emancipation grill will eventually remove all of your teeth, no chance of ever leaving

The Black Mesa Compound is maintained at a pleasant 68 degrees at all times, and it has trams!

I know what I’m picking.