Black Mesa vs. Aperture Science


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aperture science made the shower curtains, and that room was basically for waste management.


they may have had something set up to keep the incident contained.


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assuming we lived in some alternate universe were RC never happened, here are the pros and cons of black mesa:

pros: experimental weapons, particle research, high pay (if you are a scientist), portals to another universe, portals to different areas in the facility.

cons: missing a radiation checkup can result in immediate termination.

for aperture, if the glados thing never happened, we dont have much information about the actual work there.


Which is why (while I do know it’s non-canon) I use Portal: Prelude as a general idea of what it’s be like.


I too view Portal: Prelude as an incredibly well extrapolated prequel. A lot of other people don’t like it because of how hard it is, and that living people have more robotic voices than Glados, but I think the tougher puzzles make sense given the nature of the guy who ran the place (as we found out from the whole portal ARGS) that led to the nature of the guys who were running the tests, and the fact that they mentioned in Portal: Prelude that no one had yet gotten the whole way through all the challenges without dying. The craftsmanship of the story was well worth the difficulty of the puzzles.


Well, if it’s as good as you say it is, I suppose I’ll give it another try and attempt to look past the Microsoft Sam voices.


I think it’s obvious that Aperture Science is staffed by scientists who are smarter than the scientists at Black Mesa by far- way beyond genius. Unfortunately, the people (and their creations) at Aperture Science are, as a side-effect of their intelligence, also beyond insane. Black Mesa scientists may not have been at the top of their graduating class at MIT, but they are firmly grounded in reality enough to attain all those DOD contracts, and they follow traditional lines of thought to solve problems. Aperture Science does not. The military needs shower curtains? The best solution is obviously to build a hand-held interdimensional portal device (something Black Mesa employees could only match the functionality of twenty years later with a device that fills a room). Need a fuel line de-icing device?


AS, the portal gun would be worth it, even if you die as a result


But the portal gun is short distance and relativity small. Black Mesa was working on teleportation that could take you anywhere and with the possibility of being able to transport an army.


heh is funny how change the things: first black mesa was working to create portals to other dimensions wich could transport an army, then, thanks for the RC, an alien army came to our world by portals and then our army wich could be teleported in the Xen borderworld came to kill and destroy everything they found in there


i would have to wait for something made by valve to influence me instead of a mod, but portal:prelude looks interesting.


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Black mesa… I whloud love to buy Gordon a bear :freeman:
I cloud also hide some glasses
Get some soda… hell even visit the firing range a few times! :slight_smile:


Where exactly do you purchase those?


Hell yeah! 1 of the things I will love of this mod will be the Source system, I will be able to throw soda cans to alien scum ^^


Dont know yet…
Ask Barney? he whloud probably know :slight_smile:


I didn’t know Barney was a procurer or wild creatures.