Black Mesa vs. Aperture Science


You obviously never saw this image in Portal.


And you never saw this in Portal either if you really think that Aperture had a larger budget.


Aperture Science, hopfully i would be able to steal a portal gun


and then get killed by sentry bots, no thanks I preffear getting killed by millitary or alien, after all they are organic.


Being killed by something organic is somehow better?


Maybe he wants them to feel guilty about it?


I rather be killed by a robot he at least shoot’s you in the head and not every part of your body.

As for my working enviorment i would be the administrator of Black mesa :smiley:

or a security guard :smiley: (Such a small diffrence=:fffuuu:


Hard question, you can blow up microwaves, damn the world, crawl through vents, and screw with Maggnuson at BM, but at Aperture there is GLaDOS, Doug Rattmann, Companion cube, as well as the portal gun and the first 2 tiers(Reverse hemlich manuver and the Take a wish foundation)…


indeed, it is, it has feelings and my dead body can be used as his lunch instead of being there until it turns into ashes after hundreds of years… or after a big explosion…


I do not want my boss to flood the entire facility with a deadly nuerotoxin. I would rather work at Black Mesa, where I can suit up in a high tech metal hazmat suit and kick alien arse with a crowbar.


GLaDOS isn’t the boss, she’s a fuel systems icing inhibitor.


she’s also a extreme perfectionist and a crazed robot. Does anybody really like be killed by a robot? It has no feelings, no thinking, is souless… That’s why be killed by something organic is better, they have all those feelings, can think by their own and not by a failed programmation and has a soul… also you help anything organic if it was hungry when you die… (What am I gonna say? I loved sneak from behind an alien grunt and punch him to death with my crowbar while he was eating dead H.E.C.U. Soldiers)


I don’t think I’d really care about my killer having feelings once I’m dead, because I’d be dead.

Also, I don’t believe in souls. :3


Black Mesa for sure, because of the atmosphere and the large facility. I also love the underground type instead of Aperture’s above ground facility with a non-relaxing atmosphere.


I would rather be called a test subject than hear “having fun yet insert subject name here”.


I’m pretty sure Aperture’s facility was mostly underground as well.


havent updated myself on the latest posts here and what you folks are discussing right now…i simply wanna express my solid opinion: Black Mesa Research Facility = dream job/home/everything



welcome to the forums. Don’t worry for don’t being updated by the current discussion. We were just talking 'bout things of Black mesa vs things of Aperture.

Just as black mesa: entrance outside, real facility underground. But you could see some ‘‘windows’’ showing the light of the sun some test chambers. So it could just be half underground


Black Mesa has larger and deeper crevices.

Also, Black Mesa has a chance for base jumping above ground. Base jumping in Aperature Science Laboratories, although possibly much safer, just seems really sketchy when you can can’t see the sky.

Although Aperature Science possibly has more women, they may not be real women, so that I would rather go to Black Mesa. And it’s deep, dark crevices. With water.

Oh so tasty water.

Come to me, oh yes.


Ah. Another Freeman’s Mind fan.