Black Mesa vs. Aperture Science


Dont say you dont like Freemans mind…


Who doesn’t like it? It has a big good group of cool jokes. I can already imagine freeman’s mind in BM source version…


It’s even worse when you mis-quote :fffuuu:


The only thing I hate about Freeman’s Mind is that he often makes the assumptions that most of these problems exist BEFORE the Cascade, I mean clearly it would have HAD to mess up a lot of BM


I think you’re reading too far into it.


As long as I was issued a gas mask, I’d have to go with AS. Maybe make Chell and GLaDOS talk their problems out.


Why you want a gas mask for?


The deadly neurotoxins, I presume. You know, what with them being cough …so deadly…


I think because Glados farts alot, but that works too.


He constantly get’s on them about safety violations, when the only one we KNOW is their fault is the one you see on the train ride in the beginning… all i’m saying


I would sneak into Aperture, steal a portal gun, then apply at Black Mesa saying I have Aperture Science technology in my possession. So I:

  1. Get a portal gun
  2. Get to work at Black Mesa.


Dont forget your fatihful companion cube!


Which Aperture facility would we be working in? They make it seem like Aperture has many smaller facilities, where Black Mesa has one large facility.

If it’s not the GLaDOS facility, then I’d take Aperture. If it is, I’d take Black Mesa. At least in Black Mesa, I’d have a fighting chance if I could get to an armory, in Aperture, I’d either be killed by neurotoxin, or have my mind played with before I die.

I’d take survival over awesome stories to tell when I’m dead, honestly.


Good afternoon folks, reporting from B.M.R.F. (sector F)

Just finished my third cup of coffee. Sitting in this quiet coffee room deep down underground raises a sense of lonelyness. So I thought I’d provide you with some live worthless updates.

It’s very very quiet, even though the machinery constantly provides a powerful, and somewhat securing voice. It’s the lack of sounds from living things (our headcrabs doesn’t count) that is missing.

Sure, I have my colleagues, fellow scientists/security guards…but my knowledge of how strong I share this lonelyness kills the warmth from them. Don’t get me wrong though, I love it here. And I know You would too. It’s absurd, but this is a pleasant kind of lonelyness, makes me feel part of something huge.

However, I’m off to run some tests now.

Keep the faith.
and dont mind/support the heartless Aperture, you’ll regret it.



I am gonna have to say Black Mesa.

Nice Underground facility with nice security who all sound alike. Lots of vending machines and microwave ovens. Old people to play pranks on. Even if there was an “Incident” than there are shotguns and crowbars placed around for just such the occasion.



That’s what’s makes black mesa have an awesome security system; the scientists could defend themselves if they would want to do it but they are just cowards not like gordon…


You don’t only work as a test subject at Aperture, and before GLaDOS time, there obviously was scientists, if you look at the windows. But I think Aperture seems more fresh, if you look at the crockroaches in Black Mesa. In Black Mesa, if a tram stops working, how will you get out? You can’t touch the electrified rail, so if that happened, you are pretty much trapped. Unless you go to a portal, as in Blue Shift. Or get saved by a G-Man as in the original Half-Life. If you look at the parking area in Aperture, you will assume that you park your car outside and walk in to the lab. The little house where a security guard was obvously supose to be in and open the gates proves that Aperture also had human workers before GLaDOS. So I would prefer Aperture, no aliens, no zombies, just a fresh lab with a psycho robot running the place. Feels like home. :freeman:


One more thing, Apertures elevators allways goes up, when Black Mesas elevator almost allways goes down, note that i said almost. :freeman:


To correct you a little:
So I would prefer Aperture, no aliens, no zombies, just a fresh lab with a psycho robot running the place (killing you with deadly neurotoxins). Feels like home.


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