Black Mesa vs. Aperture Science


This thread is about where would you rather work if none of the big ass disasters happen and there are no psycho robots. In other words, if it was a real facility.


At least aperture’s computers don’t explode.


Actually, they didn’t abandon Shephard, G-Man stoped him to get on the chopper. Otherwise, Shephard would have been out of there. :freeman:


Lol, sorry. I din’t think of that. :freeman:


again do this, even if you are talking about different things or you quote some1, do this:


Apature, I enjoy the thought of doing deadly tests wearing an orange suit carrying a portal gun and doing all that only to find that when I find the insane robot who did all this to me I have to do it all over again in a few years.


Fly to the MOON!



Probably Black Mesa, Aperture will only pay me 60 $


Bringing up this thread again are we? It was “only” dead in 6 days!


Black Mesa: creates a ressonance cascade that ultimately causes death most of earth’s population and brings combine to earth.
Aperture Science: creates mad A.I. G.L.a.D.O.S.,which locks down the facility,kills most of it’s personel and when conducts tests on the survivors.
I think I have made my point.


Well i can’t see your point so you hadn’t quite “made it”…


Of course Black Mesa,because it beats Aperture Science in everything,even making dissasters.


It’s dependent on a surface and user can’t travel to location he/she can’t fire a portal to,while Black Mesa had developed a device for relieble teleportation: Displacer Canon (from Oposing Force),which probably had a coordination system but Shephard didn’t knew how to use it.


No.They were analysing a crystal from other dimention and that caused it.They already had portable teleporters(Called Displacer Canon in Opposing Force expansion) ,which could teleport people directly to a specific location.


I can’t unbderstand why people are arguing ofg what games are the best… I love them borth as much as the other, but I would probably work for aperture, since they seem to have reached further in science then Black Mesa. Have Black Mesa ever gone to the moon? Does Black Mesa have A.I? No, they have pre-recorded messages.


Fuck Aperture Science and Black Mesa.

The REAL question is: Builders League United or Reliable Excavation Demolition?



they had however reached an interdimensional bridge (or whatever, u no, xen) and had developed several awesome weapons and the hev suit

and ultimately the person who both doomed and saved the world… tear


Well, yeah. They had to rig up a machine to generate a portal to Xen, but Aperture builded one awsome gun that shot portals without any boundaries. They could even go to the moon with it, of course only Chell knows about that. And aperture had talking turrets when Black Mesa only had the beeping shooting ones. Although it’s uncertain if the turrets were Black Mesa’s or the HECU Marine’s


Support the underdogs!


my point was that aperture’s portals can’t go to interdimensional rifts or whatever