Black Mesa vs. Aperture Science


Yeah, Aoerture don’t have to go through other dimmensions to teleport somwhere. And portal is set at 2010, half-life 2 at 2020. Look at the portal gun, look at the teleporting machine in Kleiner’s and Eli’s lab. Compare them. Sure, they didn’t have acces to that much technology because of the combine, but still.


I would pick Aperture Science. After all, Black Mesa stole most of Aperture’s technology anyway.


you’re still not getting it

black mesa’s technology can teleport to anywhere, including Xen
aperture’s technology can only teleport between two portals you have to actually set first

that’s a big difference

and the events at black mesa and portal are roughly at the same time afaik


yeah, I respect Black Mesa for their awsome technology, but Aperture will still remain to be my favorite. And Aperture is holding their technology in such a small device, which demands the limitations of two portals.


Black Mesa is best!


Any argument for that? Any perticular reason?


I newer played portal, only hl, so i don’t know much about aperture. And bm have GORDON.


no matter you saying?


Guuh. I like aperture because it’s got a clean look, but I think Black Mesa would be better. Less crazy CEO’s, more devious plotting.


Black Mesa is the best, but Aperture has Cave Johnson and a singing, homicidal, science-obsessed AI.


Black Mesa seems. . .



It looks like Breen is trying to molest the camera guy.


We’re talking about BEFORE all the stuff happened. And had it not been for Breen negotiating with the Combine at that time, humans wouldn’t even exist anymore. Breen more-or-less was forced to become evil, with the benefit of saving humanity.


Yeah but he enjoyed it afterwards.


I want to work in Aperture but only from the Cave Johnson´s side, to laugh a lot with the emloyees´s suffering XD hihihihihihihihihihi


Black Mesa.


Aperture probably has weapons, too. What else would they equip the military androids with? You just can’t see them because of the E10 rating.


E10 is 'cuz of evil BIRDS


Aperture Science. Portal Guns, long-fall boots, and homicidal AIs. And Space. Don’t forget about Space.