Black Mesa vs. Aperture Science


Also Evil Cats


And combustible lemons.


outside of valve: SPAAACE!!!

at valve:


Working at Valve must have been annoying after this video spread around there.

“Lunch. Lunch. Gotta go to lunch. Hello? Somebody? I wanna go to lunch.”


“I’m at lunch.”
“I know you are, mate. We’re both at lunch.”


Lunch core sure likes them lunch.


Black Mesa, Aperture Science just isn’t safe! Cave Johnson is a prime example of this.


Ah yes, aliens and grunts out to kill you are just everyday happenings of Black mesa. Move along.


The quote in your signature more or less sums up the events of Half-Life 1 and the reason that it would not be a good idea to work at Black Mesa.


Hands down, I would love black mesa. The experiments go beyond the human mind and being a test subject for a [non hazardous] test would be great! But I think being a security guard would be pretty cool too. :smiley:


I preefer working in Aperture Science. I love Black Mesa, but I think Aperture Science has a better design and is a really nice place. Thay have cakes. :smiley: I love GLaDOS too ^_^. Her humor is really good. The only bad thing is that she kills her employees xD


The Cake is a lie, remember?


That means GLaDOS lie to me :’( :’(

Well, I think at least I can earn the $60 :slight_smile:


Oh god, the 60 $ jokes…


I would work at Aperture Science, but the fact that I have a chance to live if I work at Black Mesa makes me want to work there. If I could work at Aperture Science without GLaDOS trying to kill me, I would.






Aperture all the way! Well only if I get a companion cube and if the cake isn’t a lie.
BM does have HEV suits though… and I can explode microwaves… set off random alarms and have the guards yell at me…

Ideally BM with a companion cube.


Are we really doing this – uggghhh…