Black Mesa vs. Aperture Science


Necro’ing a thread with relevant posts?


What’s the problem?


People act dumb and need to complain about every necro, no matter if it’s relevant or not. Such is life on the Mesa.


This entire thread:

[i]“I like BLACK MEAS CUZE…”


I don’t like the thread – shoot me.


Your weapon of choice?


Make another post and look at your post count – that’s my weapon of choice.


Brilliantly ironic.

Thumb breaking, ear rupturing, skull shattering orgasmic goodness.


Black Mesa. With useless crate smashing rooms and rockets all over the place - totally awesome.


Black Mesa: I think it would be fun to spend entire days doing nothing but smashing boxes and launching rockets. You also get free vacations to Xen.


Aperture since its history is awesome! Black Mesa is okay I guess.


Black Mesa, mostly because I’ve been playing Half-Life for longer than I’ve been playing Portal.


I had a problem… On one hand we get Aperture… Who sells shower curtains!!! :smiley:

On the other however, we get a military funded super advanced facility that has non-deadly robots and has Xen… But if everything goes wrong you’ll get your military buddies wanting to murder the brains out of you… Still… i’d preffer Black Mesa

Or balck meas[/SIZE] :frowning:


Hmmmm Microsoft or Apple??? I will stick to being a bird living in the caverns below the now defunct Aperture Science labs




I was gonna call him a macfag, but decided against it.


I think either way you’re screwed:

(Link from the Aperture Science Facebook page, site seems phony but the audio is solid.)


I think I’d like to live in the old Aperture labs, back when it was still functional. :smiley:


And less filled with a deadly neurotoxin, presumably.


Yeeah… That’s from the new DLCs.


Aperture has Esbestos… Black Mesa it is!


Black Mesa without a doubt. The darkness and unkown regions of the compound are much more interesting than trying to work your way through aperture science, only to find yourself being buttfucked by a gigantic female robot :fffuuu: