Black Mesa vs. Aperture Science


Of course it’s a matter of opinion, but if someone claims that Black Mesa’s tech is superior to Aperture’s, I feel needed to correct them. Sorry, bad habit.


Tenuously related, but I’ve always dreamed that if I got really, really, ludicrously rich, I’d want an enormous, unnecesarily large underground complex with an aesthetic based partially on Black Mesa, partially on Aperture, and partially of my own design, just to mess around in. The most aesthetically appealing parts of Black Mesa, in my opinion, are the canyons as seen in Black Mesa Inbound. The most aesthetically appealing parts of Aperture Science, in my opinion, are the caves that contain the Testing Spheres in the Old Aperture segments.


Aperture! thy have GLaDOS, neurotoxin, wheatley, chell and ratman!


Have you beaten Portal 2? Wheatley isn’t exactly something worth bragging about…


I don’t know, Wheatley did exactly what he was designed to do, come up with an endless stream of horrible ideas, while simultaneously sounding just about reasonable enough for you to listen to him. That’s a work of genius right there.

The problem with Aperture isn’t a lack of technical ability so much as lack of a coherent direction.


I have worked at Black Mesa. I think it is better than Aperture Science because Black Mesa is very secretive and it feels a lot like Area 51. :freeman: I approve this forum. And I approve this retelling of my story. Black Mesa>Aperture Science. Black Mesa>Black Ops 2. :freeman:

This is fact. Anyone who thinks the stupid Black Ops 2 is better than the one true badass game (Black Mesa) is retarded.


I just realized that with both Black Mesa and Aperture, the thing that wows me the most is the architecture. Is this bad?


Aperture Science. Why? Cave Johnson.


I agree completely.


Just wana point out we are talking not about both games story line,where things get messy,but regular work day.btw soem things between blakc mesa nad aperture
BM:Goverment funding,military based resierch,super high security,interdimensional teleportation research.
AS:Funded by suped rich man,more home not military based resiech(portla gun,gels,just more fun things).
Jobs to select:
Esencealy it’s hard to sya anything about aperture sience becose we don’t know much about it like about black mesa before shit goes wrong