Black Mesa vs. Aperture Science


Besides Gordon :hmph:


And GLaDOS…?



Something new to think about…

Aperture Science has super bouncy blue gel. :slight_smile:


I don’t rebember it very well but I think I used the ‘‘impulse 76’’ cheat in front of one of those sentries and it killed the marine


Mechaelite, your signature makes less sense every time I read it.


it wouldn’t matter those turrents still would be less of a challenge than a recruited pudle guard dog…


One, you forgot we’re talking about working at Aperture, not be a test subject.

Oh, and:

Meaning at the BMRF, instead of a toilet bed and radio, you get the whole Dorm, AND giant platform resturaunts.

The first two turrets you see have a switch to (de)activate it, and blood by second switch. Maybe someone activated the turret so that it’s kill any aliens that came by, got shot, and got away… Only things I can think of which say that theory is wrong is why would they activate it knowing it’d kill everything it sees, and why is the only entrance to the room through unbroken roofing tile?


Black Mesa has toilets :stuck_out_tongue:


With brand new water effects too!


PSSST! You linked to the wrong comment page!


All of the workers at Balck Meas are test subjects. Just thought you should know.


bat tey haff no radio.


They have a news paper…


But I want my goddamn radio, not any damn donuts or newspaper!


They have a radio I believe. I mean, the HECU had set up some radios.


Well then…I’ll go work at bleach mesa.


Yeah <3

BTW: I luv your new avatar.


How are they test subjects? There’s a difference between conducting tests and being a test subject you know.


They’re Gman’s test subjects.


I know it’s off topic but well:

Yeah I know, I’ll change it someday, When I changed it was the 3:47 AM in here so I was really tired and didn’t know anything to put on it… :stuck_out_tongue: Next time I’ll put something more… well I don’t know if it will be more crazy or more exciting or more figthing or joking like