Black Mesa vs. Aperture Science


I’d consider only some of the workers more as pawns then as test subjects…


Well, you do have to test resonance cascades from time to time and see who dies and who survives, right?


Well if you put it that way… Somebody get me some cheese, an orange cart, and a giant fucking laser telepoter A.K.A. the Anti-Mass Spec-Fuggin’-trometer and I’ll test it out now.




Thanks =D


According to Portal Prelude, which is not official, but gives a good idea as to what happened, everyone died. There were Aperture manhacks, rocket launchers and stuff.


Black Mesa has a reservoir so you could go swimming, boating, scuba diving, etc.


And hugging sharks from outer space <3


I pick Black Mesa, I have a higher chance of living there.


i’m curious about what’s in their brochures.

*rogue turret defences
*no safety precautions
*0.4% chances of survival in emergency situations
*minimum wage salary



I take the one with bumper stickers.


After seeing the Portal 2 Teaser, I’d pick Aperture Science.


I don’t know about brochures but I know what the website’d be like.

Yes, the Doritos story was a freeman’s Mind reference, and yes, I do know I misspelled “Marc Laidlaw”, I’m just to lazy to go back and fix it right now…


holy christ reduce your sig


Well, he could’ve left some part of the coservation in though. Just, less of it.


I’d enlist as an HECU marine. You have guns, grenades, fellow buddies, and at the end of the day, a lot of them got out on Ospreys.


and you’re also expendable cannon-fodder for hordes of aliens and gun-toting MIT grads. buns of fun


I’d be Aperture… Because I think short range teleportation that can carry over momentum is better than long range with which you can’t even see where you’re going. I’d rather WILLINGLY jump out of a glowing wormhole on the side of the empire state building than accidentally teleport three feet off the edge.


Does that make you suicidal? Because, if you WILLINGLY jump, that’s suicide. If it’s an accident, that’s… well, an accident.


Better than being a poorly equipped security guard or helpless/useless scientist.