Black Mesa vs. Aperture Science


True. But then you might as well just say you’d rather join the marines, which is sort of beyond the scope of the HECU assembly


that’s 1 of the causes I preffeared black ops, they always teamwork in black mesa against alien scum!


And the HECU didn’t? :brow:


I think Black Mesa because there’s a chance that you might get your own gun! (If you got a gun then you could be like Gordan Freeman or Barney and fight your way to safety)


they abandoned a lot of their troops, shephard was 1 of them after all.

#166 Aperture Science seems more tempting.


it was most likely the pentagon that ordered them to pull out, not the HECU command alone. And it’s unlikely the blackops made it out of the facility in time to escape the nuclear explosion. They are, like the HECU, just another handful of assets, and they are just as expendable


I’m not going to tell no to that but the most part of the black ops knew they weren’t going to survive it, they were trained for this, for sacrificate their lives for the nation, also most of the HECUs didn’t teamwork very well in hl1… It was funny put myself in front of 1 while their commies killed him.



Didn’t you know? They hire russians to kill for them.


Aperture Science has a boat.



I’d join Tri-Op too. They’ve got the best spaceship ever! The Von Braun!


I was reffearing comarade as frend puttin’ [COLOR=‘DarkRed’]commie instead of [COLOR=‘darkred’]commarade (don’t remember if it’s with 1 m or with 2)


Wrong thread, man! :wink:


A broken boat that is.


I’d join the Combine. Civil Protection gets rewarded with “non mechanical reproduction simulation” for good job performance.


Hard choice but Black mesa sounds more fun. I mean so many places to explore that place is probably like a mile around… UNDERGROUND!!! Who wouldnt want to explore a huge place thats underground.


Black Mesa never produces any results. They take forever and then deliver something that has a quarter of the features that were originally promised. The gravity gun was by accident not by design. Aperture Science is a better facility with an obviously higher budget. The Portal Gun was built by design and not by accident. GLaDOS has her problems but makes the best Cake. I would rather work for Aperture Science because they have cake and GLaDOS keeps knocking off the stupid people so more cake for me.


I thought you were talking about Valve…


How do you knoq that the gravity gun wasn’t by design? How do you know it was even by black mesa, what with the place being blown up more than a decade before you ever see the gravity gun? Old dialogue suggests that they stole the tech from the combine.

And black mesa was only so much bigger than the aperture labs because you’re only in the damn place for a few short hours.