Black Screen on the level "We Got Hostiles"

so i was playing Black Mesa and then i got to the level “We got hostiles” so after some minutes playing the screen turned black with the hud, when i walk i can hear my footsteps, gun shots and some enemies talking nothing else, i tried to restart the level but nothing happened i loaded some old save and the same thing i really need help here are some screenshots

i really hope someone helps me because i really want to play Black Mesa i have disabled dynamic shadows and lots of stuff on the settings tab “Black Mesa” but nothing
i hope this gets fixed :frowning:

Can you give us more details on where in the chapter this exactly occurs? Anything you can offer for debugging @TextFAMGUY1?

dont worry i fixed it i had to lower some things on settings

I am glad to hear that! Mind posting what you changed here? Hopefully this can help other people who may run into the same issue in the future.