Blank screen


Hi, hoping someone can help. When I’m playing the game, it runs great. However when I try to minimise, the monitor goes blank and even Ctrl+alt+del won’t work. Same thing happened when I was in the video settings the game seemed to crash when I was trying to change anything.

I thought I’d try in window mode, I tried to change to window mode in game and the same thing happened, the screen went blank. I could still hear the game as if it was running but the monitor went blank and I can’t minimise or end task when this happens.

When this happens I have to force my PC to restart which I don’t want to keep doing.

Even simply quitting the game causes the screen to go blank, then I can’t get back to windows or task manager.

My specs can be seen here:



I am no programmer, but i’ll try to help.

Try running the game:

  • as an Administrator
  • with compatibility, Windows 7 for example.

Also try changing the resolution manually in the config file “videoconfig.cfg” located here: C:\User\Steam\steamapps\common\Black Mesa\bms

I am not sure if these could work, but i hope they would.



I’ve got it working now window mode, by adding ‘-window’ on steam. I’ll try what you said for full screen though, thanks.



The way for all source games to be alt-tab friendly:
in the launch options for the game, type:
-window -noborder -console

That way you play in window mode, but in fullscreen. It’s recommended a lot.