Blast Pit grenade boost shenanigans

I’m not exactly sure if this is really worth stating, but here I go, I guess. Basically, the beginning of blast pit - the part where you walk into the pipe that’s broken open after that railway sequence - has a ladder right here that you aren’t supposed to get to.

I used the knockback from a grenade to hop to the other side. I continued down the direction the railway goes to find a black void. I walked through it, and now I’m under the map.

Dunno how to fix this. Line it with invisible walls maybe? I don’t know if it even matters, but hey, it’s me actually posting something outside of the lounge area of the forums, so there’s that.

Maybe they could make it so there’s a wall that blocks you off from going any further?

Maybe they could place that invisible wall such close that even hanging onto that ladder is impossible.