BM Forum Meetup

I was just wondering if any fellow 'Strayan forumers would be interested in having some kind of informal gathering to celebrate the release of BM and get on the piss and burn the shit out of some steaks. Since we’re all spread out across the country, it could possibly happen in several locations i.e. Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide depending on how many people would be interested. This would be in a similar fashion to those Reddit meetups that happen every so often. Just gauging interest at the moment, but would anyone actually want to do this?

I understand that it might be just a bit weird meeting in person with a bunch of people that you’ve only really interacted with online, but that’s part of the fun ain’t it. It’ll only be slightly less awkward than those brony meetups, since us BM people have 10% less aspergers.

I met a New Zealander from another forum a little over a year ago. It was a fun time at the Statue of Liberty. I say if you can all find common ground, have a barbeque at a public park or something. You will enjoy yourselves.

I’d be glad to organize a Canada meetup for all 3 canadians on the forum.

I believe there are more than three of us here. Less that 2000 kms away is another thing though lol

I think me you and Sersoft are it. Alberta anyone? lol

New York here., on LI, soo…

I’m keen, but if it’ll be in Sydney or something it’ll need to be a weekend.
I’ve got at least one other friend who’d like to come, possibly more.
Hooray, I’ll get to ride the dodgy trains and get stabbed!

EDIT: What is Straya?
… Maybe I should have asked that before agreeing to go.

You live too far away from New Jersey.


Ah. Yes of course. I’ve never heard it pronounced like that before.
Maybe I need to get out more. Which is exactly what I’ll be doing by going to this meet up!

Newcastle suits me better, but I should be cool for Sydney.

At first it is, but provided the individuals are awesome, that soon fades. If you’re meaning people you;ve barely spoken to, then that’s a whole different story.

Add alcohol, and all social awkwardness disappears.

Hmm what kind of place should the meetup be at?
A Bar? RSL Club? Pub? Restaurant? Ram’s house?

By all means, you should invite every BM fan in Australia to a party at Ram’s house.

That’s awesome. I fully support this.

New York :slight_smile:

Should we start an open invite party on Facebook?

What part of New York? I will buy you lunch if you are close enough and have a nice car I can stea… No, I didn’t say that…

anyone in geelong or melbourne, then it may be just possible

Heh - sure.

Here ya go:

Heh, j/k.
The last thing I want at a meet up is a pack of trolls.
Hmm… but in RL the trolls can’t hide safely behind their internet connection…
Sharpens knives

And also making a mess of Ram’s place wouldn’t be very nice.

He’s used to cleaning up BM fans’ messes.