BM:TC: Release

Well here it is. In itty bitty rez because I cant figure out images on the internet. Think you can do better? You probably can. Now prove it!

Accurate depiction of the events thus far.

What can I say

Is that me sitting on the crouch?

I see I am intact and have my own chair.

Am I the bullsquid? I bet you made me the bullsquid. Fuck you, man.

who am i
who am i
who am i
who am i
who am i
who am i
who am i
who am i


If I remember correctly I am the 1337 terrorist.

Yep, Sersoft is the leet terrorist, Tiki is the dude with the quarantine mask, I’m Barney, Fong’s the Heavy combine soldier sitting on the desk beside me, Geek Of All Trades is the bullsquid, Imonfire is the red-shirt Father Gregori (He’s also holding a mug but who could tell), Winged one is the black coat combine sitting beside sersoft, Rossman is the standing terrorist and ODB is obviously Billy Mays, sitting in his own chair.

You Maxey, never had a character, and so unfortunately were not around at the time of the release. You were probably in the back using the microwave to cook Jack Freeman or something.

EDIT: The BM:TC characters list(and download for people who want to make their own comics):

I wanna be in there too! Aren’t I cool enough? :frowning:

Also, cool comic :wink:

I never see you on the forums anymore Jokerine! D: There was about a dozen people I wanted to put in but they never post anymore. tsk tsk

I’m the thirty second dust particle on the right.

I wanna be in the next one then :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m in ^^

Also, I added it to theindex.

That’s the finest piece of illustrated literary facts I’ve ever laid eyes on

I see a distinct lack of an agrunt :hmph:
(assuming everyone is the same character they used to be in the old days, too lazy to see if I’m still on the list)

You gotta go complain to Coll about that. I checked the character list for people, I couldn’t bother trying to remember. :stuck_out_tongue:

Collision, I blame you! :rage: