BM Steam chat quotes

Time to revive the litany of hilarious / embarrassing / out-of-context quotes.

This one just might come under all three.

I’m ashamed of myself ._. a total of two names

Wow. It almost makes me thankful I never knew of this BM chat.

Makes me want to start going on there.

It makes me sad that I missed this amazing reekris

Oh God, that’s gold.

He does.

There should be a thread
it’s honestly really wonderful

I’m hijacking the thread here, but someone needs to make box art of those games.


Much much more relevant!

adds me

can’t tell if meaner when drunk or just acting as we all would :S


Just went though a very analogous situation a few hours ago with some German kid.

Its long but funny.
Note: guy had a stupid trollface avatar.