BM Veterans

all the way back in 2004 actually. Kalashnikov! theres the forefathers name thats just disappeared from BM history. Raminator where are you! rabid monkey! Kester! Jambo! it would be nice to reconnect after all this time.

With the ‘actual’ release of the game I think there’s be an increase in older account logins.
We’re all returning like Bee’s to the hive.

I meant flies to shit.

Ram is one of those folks that prefer to be invisible to the internet so I highly doubt you will find him. Jambo is on fb somewhere. Rabid monkey I havent seen around in forever… I think he is on fb tho. I miss Carlos tho. Even on fb he is silent. I am connected to Kester on FB… he is a cool dood.

I was really enjoying Xen (even gave up my pirate way of life and bought it for me and my friends) until you made those unnecessary changes to music in the beginning of UC and the Akira elevator section, as well as the silly butt-slide that breaks crouching, jumping and crouch-jumping… You were so close to finishing it properly, devs, smh… :frowning:

Sup bitches, king manchild has returned for a hot moment to soak up the praise of being an old fuck.

Butt slide? All I know is that when I sprint then long jump then crouch, I go sliding around like soap covered in wet laundry powder and I’ll be damned if it ain’t fun as all hell.

Exactly, when long-jumping, that’s how it should be, but for some reason for me it also happens with regular jumps or without even jumping, just crouching while moving, which I think is a bug and makes platforming a lot less fun.

Wha? Eric Fong? I haven’t heard that name in years…

The butt sliding phenomenon seems to only occur if you start a sprint then land while crouching, using the back key to stop yourself seems to cut the sliding.

I definitely don’t think the long jump is meant to make you a high speed laundry powder coated bar of soap once you hit the floor though, but it sure as hell is fun

anyone remember the boomerarm

Of course! We’ll never gaze on that glorious boomerang elbow again though, its been forever lost in the deep sands of the internets.

I still have it but I’m not posting it because that would be weird.

Ram’s Hummerang is at least still in the final game:

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you should do it anyway was he wearing a dress or is that my faded memory?

Actually, guys… In all seriousness, Ram is a rather private person and we really should respect that certain things should be left alone rather than dragged out into the open again. That said, I am pretty sure I have it saved on my old hard drive somewhere. :wink:

@sersoft Hah, that’s awesome :smiley:

So I was 14 or 15 when I started following this project. Now I’m a 30-year-old man with a career and shit. I was thinking about buying my parents’ house off of them this year when they retire but I’m really struggling to find reasons I’d want to own a house over renting my current apartment.

Renting a place to live is throwing your money away. Owning builds equity and overall net value. DOO ITTT!

I was 39 when this project started. Now I am an old lady. lol!

Wow, I’m glad I found this thread

EDIT: Also glad to see at least some of you aren’t dead

Can’t speak for anyone else, but I’m definitely dead.

Just logged into the forums for the first time in about 8 years to check in and say congrats to the all the devs involved over the years. It was an awesome Christmas present to finally play through the finished game. Definitely did Xen justice!

Edit: Nvm, more like 4 years, but you get the point