BM Veterans

I’ve been falling all over myself to make a point in another thread that’s lasted most of the day - and you managed to fuck it up in one sentence.

He’s a pro.

Started to creep around here september/october '07

Hi, I’ve existed in the background forever just quietly listening.

I believe that by now, I need no introduction. I feel so old now…

Out of interest who remembers this?

I’ve most definitely been around since before '08. Posted infrequently though until only a few years ago.

I remember lurking the GamerNode forums way back in the day, and created an account at some point. Forgot how much I actually used it to post though.

Oh hai! I be here! :waves:

I’m not sure how long I’ve been following this mod, to tell you the truth. I know I was kind of following this mod back in 2008/2009 thereabouts

Excuse me Oldfag coming though move please very important person here thank you

Good to see you again Zim, btw. Was beginning to think you weren’t going to show up. :smiley:

We are still missing Psyborg, Kaze and Raw_Bean though.


:awesome: I remember that, I was thinking about it a few weeks ago actually.

Apparantly they’re now, I also have an account there dated from '07. Their new forum layout / design is terrible…

wasnt there one that was like this except with a man in a crosswalk with a bus and ramming into the back of a car and almost hitting the guy?

Hi there.

From what I can put together with a combination of my own memory and the Way Back Machine I came in some time during 2006, but I remember lurking in 2005 on and LF.

Shit I’ve got all my times confused. Jambo, you didn’t happen to see any of my posts back there did you? I’m pretty sure I was 2006, I don’t think I came in in 2005.

Most of my earlier time here was trying to learn the atmosphere and not get stepped on, I don’t remember much. lol

The Wayback Machine pretty much only captures the forum index, so I was going off of online member lists from LF, GN and BM plus my memories, which are pretty hazy after 7 years!

Yeah I dug through there too. I"ve narrowed it down to early 2006 late 2005 I think. :smiley:

June/July 2006 I think I joined. I remember it was around one of the times the forums got hacked.

Such a blast from the past to see so many of the older users in one place again.

That happened like, all the time haha

Yeah, but that time it was especially bad. The forums had to be wiped and moved to a different server with more security. But yes, it’s been a rocky road to release, leaks, hackers, crashes and missed promises. But here we are.

Pretty certain it was 05 when I first came around. Been a while since I’ve signed in, almost a year apparently.
Shamefully I don’t even lurk around all that much any more. Good to see so many familiar names, though.